Is the water well compulsory in the company?

For many years, legal regulations have been made with the aim of promoting environmental protection. These measures aim in particular at healthy eating and limit the size of plastic waste. Under these, the installation of a water fountain at the workplace would replace the use of plastic bottles. In this article you will find some explanations on this topic.

Installing a water device in your company: what does the law say about this?

The Egalim Law No. 2018-938 of October 30, 2018 is known for its strict regulations in the agricultural and food sector. However, it also includes some important environmental protection measures. Including the Provision of fresh drinking water in facilities open to the public got promoted. Every company should therefore choose between the following options: Provide a water basin, distribute or install plastic water bottles a water well for his business.

Over the years, this measure has undergone more and more drastic changes, leading to a definitive selection of the ideal type of water supply. Among these changes we list the most important ones:

  • 2020, The law prohibits the use of plastic containersand with it an end to the use of plastic cups: every company should be moving towards this now organic or recycled containers;
  • 2021, then came the abolition of the plastic water bottles distributed at the workplace: only glass bottles were allowed;
  • 2022, Installing a water fountain is essential in any facility: This decision aims to support environmental protection measures against plastic waste.

For certain reasons, a company that faces difficulties in terms of installation conditions could benefit from an exemption.

Some types of water fountains for a company

There are two types of water fountains available for your company: the fountain with running water and the balloon water fountain. Depending on the configuration of the premises and water access, you can choose the model that suits you.

The flowing water fountain

For this type of installation You must provide access to self-service drinking water. You also need to place the device within 1.5m of an outlet. The fountain delivers cold, hot or sparkling water as required. Thanks to a filter system it rids the liquid of any unwanted or infectious elements to offer you healthy and comfortable water.

The bottled water fountain

It requires access to a storage room and works thanks to a water tap under constant pressure. You can also easily move the device to use it elsewhere if needed. It delivers chilled or non-chilled water from the glass bottle to your cup.

The advantages of a water dispenser in the workplace

In addition to legal requirements, installing a water well in your business can bring many benefits. Begin, This gesture will help improve your company’s image and empower your employees. More specifically, providing a means of continuous water supply shows your concern for your employees. consequently, they will be grateful and productive . You will also actively contribute Environmental protection by significantly reducing the use of plastic containers.

In addition, you can too improve the performance of your employees through this facility. Indeed, thirst for water can cause many ailments, such as: Headache, fatigue, impaired psychomotor dexterity or inability to calculate.Therefore, being able to drink when needed could save them from these uncalled for troubles.

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