In the province of Luxembourg, 3,840,466 old batteries are waiting to be recycled

With the big comeback of spring, Bebat launches its annual fundraiser “On recherche” in Wallonia. Also this year, thanks to a visible campaign in the city area, all families are encouraged to bring their old batteries to a Bebat collection point. With this initiative, the organizations want to underline the usefulness of adequate collection behavior, because used batteries can also be recycled and even reused. This year the campaign runs from April 11th to May 8th.

Luxembourgers invited to rinse out their old batteries

In Wallonia, a family has an average of 121 batteries in their household, of which an average of 31 are dead. In Luxembourg alone, an estimated 3,840,466 used batteries can be recycled. The proportion of new batteries entering the market is growing, so these numbers are also increasing every year, which offers opportunities for recycling.

Because used batteries, which often gather dust in drawers, in old devices or elsewhere in the household, still contain many rare raw materials such as cobalt, nickel and iron.

Although the Walloon is already a true fundraising champion, it’s still important to keep these good habits in place. In 2020 we were European champions in battery collection and recycling with a total of no less than 3,357 tonnes collected. To boost this fundraising enthusiasm, Bebat is launching a campaign between April 11th and May 8th. With the new 2022 campaign “We are looking for”, Bebat wants to ask Walloon families again for help, with a clear message: find your old batteries and take them to one of the 24,000 Bebat collection points!

Nele Peeters, Director Marketing, Operations & Innovation at Bebat: “With this campaign we want to make consumers aware that even with a small gesture they can make an enormous contribution to a better environment. We encourage everyone to actively look for forgotten batteries in storerooms, discarded appliances, or even where you least expect them. We consider each additional pile collected as a success. »

Collect batteries to close material cycles

The battery management organization wants to use this momentum again this year to show that the collection and recycling of batteries can make a concrete contribution to closing material cycles. Each collected pile can contain rare resources such as cobalt, nickel, and iron, metals that are often mined under harsh conditions. Thanks to Bebat’s high-tech sorting center, all returned batteries can be recycled and the raw materials thus released can be reused for other purposes. In this way, every pile collected contributes to the circular economy and fewer raw materials have to be taken directly from nature.

The “On Recherche” campaign will run from April 11th to May 8th, 2022 and will be visible on the streets of the major Walloon cities, on TV, radio and social media.

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