In Luxembourg: Joëlle Welfring succeeds Carole Dieschbourg


LUXEMBOURG – The choice of the resigning minister’s successor fell on the current Director of the Environment Administration.

Joëlle Welfring returns to government.

End of limbo, Carole Dieschbourg’s replacement is now known. The Déi Gréng party has chosen Joëlle Welfring, director of the environmental administration, as announced on Wednesday during a press conference.

This is formally a proposal from the Executive Committee of Déi Gréng for the post of Minister of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development. The party committee voted unanimously in favor of this election, which must be confirmed at an extraordinary party congress this Saturday. “I’ve been committed to climate protection for a long time,” said the person who should therefore enter the government. Joëlle Welfring uses her new role to take her card from the environmental party, which she has not previously belonged to.

“I am honored to be able to fulfill this mission,” said the person concerned. But I also think of Ms. Dieschbourg, whom I admire very much and whose choice influenced me.” Joëlle Welfring recognizes that she faces major challenges to “counteract ecological crises”. “There’s no time to lose, but there’s also no step to skip,” she analyses. The future minister states that she did not expect to enter the government and is “not a candidate”. She benefited from “a few days of reflection” during which she “consulted [ses] Relatives”.

Beginning of a political career

As of Wednesday, Joëlle Welfring was not a member of the Déi Gréng party. But the man who studied biochemistry in Strasbourg and then environmental sciences in London believes that protecting the environment is “something natural, something we take for granted”. “Because of her commitment, she is close to our party,” assures François Bausch, Deputy Prime Minister. “We were guided by one criterion: we needed someone who could act very quickly and competently.” The mobility minister believes that “there are good profiles in the party or parliamentary group”, but the influx of personalities from civil society can bring more : “A party must remain open and must not live in a closed circle”.

Joëlle Welfring’s political journey among environmentalists may only be just beginning. “I’m on this path, I hope to be able to carry out further projects,” slips the scientist when asked about the next elections in 2023.

Environment Minister Carole Dieschbourg resigned last Friday “in order to be able to defend himself as a private person” in the case of the garden house. If she had remained a minister, the Chamber of Deputies would have had to judge her. She claims that she “is not ashamed of anything” in this affair, which cost Roberto Traversini his post as deputy mayor of Differdange.

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