In a filthy twin flat where tragic three-year-old Kemarni Watson was beaten to death by a dastardly drug dealer – Reuters

It’s the filthy two-bed apartment where a three-year-old boy was beaten to death by a vile drug dealer.

Little Kemarni Watson died of serious abdominal injuries after suffering a “brutal assault” and 20 broken ribs at his West Bromwich home.

Kemarni Watson Darby died in 2018 after weeks of crueltyCredit: PA
The room where Kemarni was imprisoned with an electric wire1 credit
Her mother, Alicia Watson, and her boyfriend, Nathaniel Pope
Her mother, Alicia Watson, and her boyfriend, Nathaniel PopeCredit: PA
Footage shows McDonald's cases in the kitchen - Kemaarni's last meal
Footage shows McDonald’s cases in the kitchen – Kemaarni’s last meal1 credit

The boy was cruelly abused by his mother Alicia Watson, 30, and her then-boyfriend, Nathanial Pope, 32, in his final months.

She was acquitted of her son’s murder yesterday but found guilty of causing or allowing the child’s death.

Pope was convicted of murder at Birmingham Crown Court.

The two men were also convicted separately on two other counts of child abuse against other children.

Shocking photos have now emerged of the home where the toddler was being held in a locked room with a power cord.

Horrifying snaps show the living room where Kemarni ate toast next to a tuft of hair.

And other photos show the kitchen covered in McDonald’s plates, bottles, bin bags and wrappers — one of the last meals Kemarni ate.

Haunting footage released by police yesterday shows Watson taking Kemarni to the fast food joint on the day he died.

The couple wait hand in hand at the counter for their food before exiting the restaurant.

Kemarni and Watson then stroll past a supermarket before heading home.

Hours later, paramedics were transported to the family home on June 5, 2018 after the tot was found unconscious.

In a heartbreaking call to 999, Watson told operators: “He’s three years old, he’s not answering. »

Doctors found a “slew” of injuries consistent with a traffic accident or a fall from a height.

He had sustained “serious” injuries to the mesentery, a valve that supplies blood to the small intestine, and injuries to the mesocolon, which supplies blood to the large intestine.

Kemarni’s liver was also injured and his right lung was bruised.

A pathologist said his injuries showed “high force applied to a relatively small area.”

The boy also had evidence of older injuries – including broken ribs, a bruised arm and a tear in the flap of skin connecting the upper lip to the gums.

Prosecutor Tony Badenoch, QC, said his injuries could match the “usual bruises seen on a child” but some injuries “would have required trampling on his body”.


The court heard that Kemarni was hit “very hard” by Watson when he threw his toy or urinated on the carpet.

Pope also locked the child in a room and used broken electrical wires to force the door closed.

Horrified witnesses told how little Kemarni would knock on the door to get out when he was locked in by Pope.

His mother repeatedly beat him because he appeared to have done the wrong thing.

A viewer said Kemarni felt “really upset” after the attack and just stayed in bed.

During the trial, Watson repeatedly accused the lawyers of lying and called the case against them “disgusting”.

She also told the jury that she was mentally and physically exhausted and claimed she was “done” with the testimony.

However, the jury was not told that Pope launched a sickening attack on a young mother on a London bus in 2011.

Details of the drug dealer’s criminal past, including his felony assault conviction, have come to light, but details of the brutal attack have been kept under wraps.

During the attack, Pope repeatedly banged the victim’s head against a handrail, dragged her out of the bus by her hair, and kicked her as she lay on the sidewalk.

He got angry when he felt that the pram seat on the bus had been “violated” by his mother.

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Pope also has previous convictions for burglary and heroin possession with intent to deliver.

Both Watson and Pope have denied the murder and multiple charges of child cruelty and will be convicted at a later date.

Kemarni - Eating toast next to a tuft of hair
Kemarni – Eating toast next to a tuft of hair1 credit
The West Bromwich Housing Fair in 2018
The West Bromwich Housing Fair in 20181 credit

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