Immediate arrest of former Arlon student educator who abused young girls

Not to mention the substantial compensation that has to be paid to victims in civil cases. The Neufchâteau Criminal Court reserved this fate for Sacha Chenet, 21, on Thursday.

He is actively sought

Residing in Germany but never appearing in court in Neufchâteau, the person concerned was convicted in absentia.

Charlotte Saint, the Crown Assistant Attorney, requested his immediate arrest. Judge Carine Thomas immediately followed an application. because of the length of the sentence and the risk of the accused fleeing”.

Sacha Chenet has therefore been actively sought by the European police since Thursday afternoon.

At night he slips into her bed

How did this young student teacher at ISMAArlon get involved?

Two and a half years ago, in October 2019, he committed several indecent assaults on 8-year-old girls who were taking part in a school trip to the Bouillon region with their school ISMA Arlon.

At the time, the accused was himself a student in the field of educators and accompanied the teachers on this trip.

“When she returned to Arlon at the end of the week, a little girl explained to her parents that a young student teacher was coming into the children’s dormitory at night. The little girl stated that he entered the bed of several little girls like her and she kissed them on the mouth, caressed them. This is very serious sexual assault. The investigation revealed that three children were abused in this way by the young defendant.” , Assistant Prosecutor Anne-Sophie Guilmot explained in court. He had applied for 40 months in prison against the accused.

psychological consequences

On the side of the civil parties, the parents of two child victims described before the Castrolais court last month the great psychological difficulties that the girls, affected by the facts, are now facing.

“Our little girl has changed since what happened in 2019. She has become more suspicious. She fears the presence of men outside her close circle, that of her father and brothers. She also feels judged.”

The judgment given this Thursday also grants the ISMA d’Arlon school a last euro, a request from its representative, Me Damien Poncelet, who confirms this “The school sided with the victims and did everything possible to educate their students to respect values ​​and ethical rules.”

At the hearing, one of the parents strongly criticized the management of the Arlon School (primary school) for not providing psychological support to parents and abused children.

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