IHK Belgium Luxemburg: Christophe Hay replaces Bernadette Thény as Managing Director

Bernadette Thény resigns after 14 years as Managing Director of CCI Luxembourg Belge (Libramont). Christophe Hay takes over the role on July 1st. In addition, the institution will welcome a new president, Etienne Genin.

14 years in management

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Bernadette Thény spent no less than 14 years at the top the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Industry and Commerce and almost 50 years in the business of companies. She told us about her feelings on her departure: ” It’s very difficult because I’ve spent my entire career here. I know all the presidents and directors and it’s strange when I hear people wishing me a happy retirement“Then it’s time for this workaholic to take stock after all their years in the job:” I realigned the Chamber of Commerce’s services in all businesses, whether small, medium or large, because we also had to take care of small businesses and that was well received. In addition, 1450 members is still a considerable number. Also, we never let them go, not even during the Covid.”

Christophe Hay: the successor

Supporting and helping companies is what Christophe Hay will now tackle. Member of the Management Committee, former Editor-in-Chief of Entreprendre magazine and member of the CCI Luxembourg Belge for 19 years. This experienced man says he wants to answer as many as possible challenges while working in a spirit of continuity. He explains : ” we must not speak of change, but of evolution. Nowadays it is essential to bring in new elements such as digitization, but also to take into account concerns related to the environment, sustainable development, circularity, etc.

Etienne Genin: the new President

That’s it Michel Boutier who took over the presidency ad interim after the unexpected death of André Roiseux. Therefore, a new President was elected to replace him. This is Etienne Genin, also a man of experience, since he is CEO of the company Le Saupont at Bertrix. Former director of L’Oréal-Libramont and vice-president of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, the elected official has a motto: adapt to societal changes. And in detail: Faced with inflation, but also with the challenges of the socio-economic world in general, the CCI Luxembourg Belge has its hands full”. These 2 candidatures are ratified by the General Assembly of Next June 21st

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