How to fight static electricity

Static electricity is a pet nuisance in winter and makes hair difficult to manage. How to avoid this phenomenon? The advice of Mario Lopes, experienced hairdresser.

Why does hair become electric?

Electric hair in winter is a classic hair condition. This phenomenon is explained by the drier air in this season dries the hair. Since keratin, the main component of hair, is drier, it is easier to charge particularly fine hair with electricity. This is how they become sensitized difficult to style to the point where the most finicky of impeccable hairstyles goes insane.

Luckily some good gestures can help limit the damage. The advice of Mario Lopes, senior hairdressing expert.

No wet hair

Avoid taking out wet hair as the sudden temperature change between inside and outside will damage the hair fibers.

A gentle wash

Use a mild shampoo when washing your hair, i.e. neither too concentrated nor too aggressive. “Overwashed hair loses its softness very quickly and dries out very quickly,” explains Mario Lopes.

Gentle drying

Finish drying too hot, which will aggravate the electrostatic phenomenon. Temperature shocks sensitize the hair a little more. The drying mode “gentle” is to be preferred.

When blow-drying, blot hair first with an absorbent towel to pre-dry hair and reduce heat exposure after blow-drying. Shortening the duration can also be a solution.

Antistatic hydration

Certain moisturizers, such as serums(which also have an action Anti frizz), creams on dry hair or moisturizing mists or after washing keep the hair fiber from drying out without weighing it down.

A pro tip before styling

Antistatic care station available? Grandmother’s remedies make it possible to deal with this situation. “Dip a comb in some fabric conditioner, which will help detangle your hair and eliminate static electricity,” suggests Mario Lopes.

Thanks to Mario Lopes, expert in high hairdressing

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