How do you fight static electricity?

It is a phenomenon that surprises us, especially in winter, that causes small spontaneous discharges: static electricity. If it’s not inherently dangerous, it’s not necessarily pleasant, and fortunately it’s easily avoidable.

Out of Hair that stands on end when you take off your hat, a slight prick in your hand when you close the car door or your cheek when – before Covid-19 banned us from this ritual – you kiss someone as a greeting: you are undoubtedly confronted with it static electricity. But what is it anyway? And can this be avoided? We tell you everything.

What exactly is static electricity?

electricity, really? Good yes. Static electricity is like any other electricity, except that its voltage is infinitely lower than that of any electrical device. Therefore, a small discharge is not dangerous for the body or health, rest assured.

This physical phenomenon occurs through the Friction between two materials. The latter are normally neutral, but when they come into contact, one steals electrons from the other, thus breaking the prevailing neutrality. So one of the materials has a negative charge and the second has a positive charge. This is where static electricity is generated and manifests ascrackling sparks B. cause a slight shock when removing clothes or touching a car door.

Static electricity is harmless ©Comaniciu Dan

You may have noticed, and it’s definitely not just an impression: Static electricity is more common in winter than the rest of the year. This is mainly due to the clothes we wear. That Wool and synthetic materials are more subject to the loss of electrons and thus static electricity than, for example, cotton. Another reason: cold winter air. It’s drier than summer, and without moisture, static electricity can build up.

Our tips for eliminating static electricity

Static electricity is not inevitable. With a few precautions, this is entirely possibleAvoid these little dumps unpleasant:

  • Limit the wearing of clothing made of wool, polyester, nylon, etc. at the same time. Headgear included! You can as well Spritz hairspray inside your hat before you put it on to prevent your hair from standing on end when undressing.
  • Hydrate your skin and take care of your hair. The drier your body, the more you reduce your electrical resistance. Of course, don’t forget your hands.
  • attach green plants or a humidifier in your interior, mainly where you spend most of your time.
  • Choose shoes with leather soles instead of rubber.
  • Wash your clothes with some vinegar or put a small aluminum ball in the machine. You can also put fabric softener, preferably natural like baking soda, directly into the washtub.

Avoid electric hair: what to do? Which brush, hair dryer…

To avoid hair standing on end, Avoid drying them with a hair dryer or prefer a low temperature. Instead of using a comb or plastic brush to detangle, use a model made from natural materials, such as a boar bristle brush or a horn comb. Promote synthetic brushes electric hair.

Hairbrush, crushhairbrushHairbrush made of beech wood

This artisanal brush is made in Italy. Naturally anti-static and hypoallergenic, it helps strengthen roots and regulate excess sebum.

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