How do you clean an oven with aluminum foil? Why do? Here are all our tips to keep this device looking brand new!

What if we told you that you could light up your oven with a ball of aluminum foil? Follow the leader !

How do you clean an oven with aluminum foil?

Aluminum foil has many advantages! Is your oven very dirty? Do one Bullet with this material and Rub the grill your oven to Simply remove grease residue. As for that Walls, of plaque and from in the devicepour a little baking soda and hot water. To let to act overnight for the product to work. The next day, rub All corners with a ball of aluminum foil: your oven will be like new!

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Aluminum foil: how to use it for cleaning

There are many ways to use aluminum foil for house cleaning. placed in Bullet in which dishwasherallowed to do it seem and to clean that cutlery, plates and glasses. The foil is sufficient in the drum of the washing machine static electricity on clothes disappear and remove stubborn stains more effectively.


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