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At Honda, the small city runabout “e” will soon no longer be the only 100 percent electric vehicle. The Japanese carmaker not only wants to launch the e:NY1 2023 in the B segment, but also wants to catch up in this area. On the fringes of its collaboration with General Motors, Honda announced on March 12. ie 37 billion euros (62.5% of the total), for the development of 100% electric vehicles and software. He reminded that the total expenditure for all activities combined is estimated at around 8 trillion yen.

30 new 100% electric models by 2030 for Honda

That’s a massive feat for anyone aiming to reverse their offering, which has historically and fundamentally turned to the gasoline engine completely stop selling thermal vehicles by 2040. In the next 8 years, boss Toshihiro Mibe has thus confirmed his intention to launch 30 new all-electric models worldwide and forecasts an annual production volume of more than 2 million units by this horizon (2030). “We will develop very high-quality products worldwide”he pointed out.

In order to live up to its ambitions, the market leader has detailed its plan, which consists of two parts: working with short-term partners to achieve this scale and reducing costs, and on the other hand developing its own technologies in-house with long-term support, such as solid-state batteries, a new generation of products designed to be more resistant and efficient than the current ones. The group will conduct a pilot on the topic in spring 2024.

Two electric vehicle manufacturing facilities are also planned in China, as well as a production line dedicated to this category in North America. Honda is planning three platforms in the short term, but in 2026 the automaker will begin rolling out Honda e:Architecture, an EV platform that combines the hardware and software platforms.

A company dedicated to technology

“We believe that from 2030 and beyond we will enter the phase of full popularization and battery electric vehicles will be commonplace. We will have small, medium and large platforms and cover all segments with these three platforms.”added Toshihiro Mibe.

Honda is in line with manufacturers, compatriots like Toyota and Nissan alike, who are investing tens of billions in electrifying their range and making major changes to their organization. Keep in mind that Honda’s activities have traditionally been divided into large families of products, namely bikes, cars and other equipment. But since 1ah On April 1, the first day of the 2022/23 financial year, jointly used future technologies such as electric and fuel cell motors, batteries, software, etc. will be integrated into one unit Create synergies and accelerate their development.

With all this hodgepodge of ambitions, hybrids will remain a key part of Honda’s lineup well into the 2030s, it has been confirmed. The group also expects demand to increase in several markets such as Central America. “We will continue to rely on hybrids as one of our powerful weapons”.

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