Herrange. The Herserange Collections et Patrimoines association resumes its activities

The municipality has devoted itself to associations, including the Herserange Collections et Patrimoines, the former gymnasium of Godefroy College in Landrivaux, which has been extensively upgraded to be barrier-free.

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Therefore, the various meetings (committee meetings, general assemblies, etc.) now take place in a completely renovated framework.

During a March meeting, the committee prepared a tentative timeline for 2022.

obligation to remember

First, at the suggestion of President Serge Benti, it was decided that the club would invest more actively in commemoration. This participation led to the appointment of a second standard-bearer in the person of Jean-Marc Moitry, the first standard-bearer was José Sibella; by laying a wreath at each commemoration; through the continuation of small exhibitions to “enhance” these ceremonies. To commemorate the end of the war in Algeria, the two flag bearers were present, a wreath was laid at the war memorial and the village hall, in which the speeches were held, was decorated with contemporary uniforms.

Dates to remember

It was also decided to conduct day trips. Saturday May 14, destination Alsace with visit to the notorious Struthof concentration camp, then lunch and free time in Obernai; Saturday 11 June towards the Paris Basin in Meaux to discover the largest museum in Europe dedicated to the First World War, then visit to the famous Brie cheese factory (lunch in the center of Meaux in between); Friday 22nd July towards the Meuse for a guided tour of Fort Douaumont and the show From flames to light with previous meal on site; 1ah November, the Militaria grant (36and of the name) takes place in the multi-purpose hall in the Rue de Lorraine.

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