Our dogs’ and cats’ hair is all over the house and on our clothes! Discover our unusual tips to get rid of them without a vacuum!

The hair of our four-legged friends penetrates Sofas, dresses, blankets and you quickly feel overwhelmed! Instead of vacuuming for hours, we give it to you all our great tips to remove hair in no time!

Animals: How do I depilate home textiles?

Our dogs and cats renew their fur twice a year. But when their daily life gets disturbed, it can affect the density of their hair. In fact, your faithful companion may lose his hair because of it stress or fatigue. It is therefore advisable to be prepared and to equip yourself with effective tools. There is an unstoppable trick to say goodbye to your hair: Dampen a sponge or washcloth and rub the fabrics. Browse all the home decorations our pets love: Sofas, carpets, cushions. When it comes to clothing, think about it sticky rolls !

Dog, cat: Why is my animal losing its hair?

stress, lack, illness, there are many causes of hair loss in our pets. The reduction in his fur may be due to the following issues:

  • Meal: the thickness of an animal’s fur directly related to what he eats ! The food must be varied, of good quality and rich in nutrients.
  • The stress : It can lead to various disorders: weight loss, sleep disorders and hair loss. For an animal to be in good physical health, it is important to reduce the sources of daily stress.
  • Hygiene: cares for an animal that has been washed too often easier to lose their furit’s about balance!

If hair loss persistsDo not hesitate to take your animal to a professional: it could be a problem of order hormonal.


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