GuardianLink uses StarkWare to introduce a Layer2 no-gas fee for NFTs. – Latest news

The market NFT Guardian Linkin partnership with an Israel-based blockchain company StarkWareconfirmed the introduction of a layer 2 zero gas tax for NFT or non-fungible tokens. The service uses the zero knowledge roll up (zk roll up)while the funds are held in smart contracts.

The Zk rollup for zero gas costs for NFTs

According to a report shared by Guardian LinkGas costs have been a major issue for enthusiasts NFT constantly minting these blockchain-based tokens on the networks ether or Solana. Gas fees are transaction fees that people have to pay for installation NFT on the blockchain. That’s what the company is planningUse rollups zk to zero market gas fees NFT.

Then there are the accumulations zk can :

  • contribute to zero fuel costs Guardian Link,
  • Increase the speed of transactions and
  • enable efficient scaling for high-frequency trading and gaming NFT.

It is also important to note that although the NFT be minted on the Layer 2 blockchain, the NFT will be network secured ether as minted on the layer 1 blockchain.

Guardian Link believes this is a game-changing technology for the industry NFTand its agreement with StarkWare will be a first for the Asian market.

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A solution layer2 for more than’interoperability on the main marketplace NFT

As part of the agreement with StarkWarethe company will use and manufacture its technology as the base layer for Layer 2 solutions interoperable with all major blockchainsespecially ripplesolana, polygon and avalanche.

Commenting on the news, Arjun reddishco-founder and CTO from Guardian Linkcalled :

“Our R&D team has worked hard to feed our community NFT a technological edge, as well as a free layer 2 and interoperability with the best blockchains. This military security product allows users to strike Jump.act with no gas fees and supports unlimited transactions throughout its lifetime, encouraging greater participation from markets like India.”

Furthermore, Guardian Link will also publish his NFT exclusive cricket sets and its digital cricket collectibles via Jump.acta gambling market NFT fully operational managed by the Company.

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