GRDF supports Allier Habitat with its tenants’ gas contracts

Soon, Allier Habitat tenants will have two options for their gas contract. For the same price, they can opt for either conventional town gas or ‘green gas’ from injection methanizers. These structures make it possible to convert organic matter from agricultural waste into gas that is fed back into the grid.
In general, this type of contract is sold at a higher price, to people with a strong ecological fiber… And especially those who can afford it.
This is the whole purpose of the agreement signed on Thursday April 14th between representatives of GRDF and the public office Allier Habitat. Two thirds of the 5,000 households are heated with gas. These contracts will initially be offered for 500 homes (renovated or under construction) over the next 12 months before reaching the target of 3,000 within a few years.

Locally produced energy.

GRDF will also support Allier Habitat in communicating with its tenants through information brochures to encourage them to optimize their consumption.

A farming collective builds a methanizer in Besson (Allier)

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For a number of years, Allier Habitat has developed a desire to reduce energy consumption through better insulation of its buildings and the installation of solar panels. For Danielle Mousset, Vice President of Allier Habitat, “Climate issues, energy efficiency and our tenants’ budgets are just as important as local energy production”.
Allier is a spearhead of biogas in Auvergne. The department already produces 12% of the gas it consumes, while the state has set a target of 10% for France by 2030. According to Cyril Guillet, Advice and Development Manager for Auvergne at GRDF, ten methanizers like those injected at Besson are currently operational in the Allier.

Biomethane at the heart of discussions at the Agrinnov Forum at the Bourbonnais High School in Neuvy (Allier)

Emeric Enaud

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