Granddaughter takes poor grandparents to new home and tells them she is theirs now

A granddaughter ticked the first box on her wish list and surprised her beloved grandparents with a heartwarming gift: a house.

Having a family is an invaluable fortune. Whether we choose our families or not, our love for them deepens over time. However, family ties are not only based on love and devotion, but also on sacrifice.

One young woman from Hawaii knew those feelings well, and when it came time to show how much she cared for her loved ones and appreciated their support, she was quick to express her gratitude.

Kahealani captures her grandmother’s emotional reaction to the house’s unveiling. | Source: Pestano


Kahealani Paradis was blessed with loving and loving grandparents. She was particularly attached to them because they contributed to her education.

Paradis never got bored in her life and thanks to her grandfather and grandmother she grew up to be a responsible and kind young woman. She learned a lot from her grandparents. In particular, they taught him to stick together as a family and to love unconditionally.

But what particularly moved Paradis was her sense of sacrifice. She had seen them live lives of trials and tribulations without giving up or complaining. They always saw the best in everything and never harbored bitter feelings toward anyone.


Paradis had seen the two most important people in his life overcome adversity. They have lived much of their lives without basic amenities like running water or electricity.

In fact, they never complained about what they didn’t have and believed in helping others without expecting anything in return. However, their relentless sacrifices did not go unnoticed and Paradis promised to be there for her grandparents as they were for her.


The first box on her wish list was to repay her grandparents for everything they had done for her. She told her husband, who liked the idea, and together the couple worked out a way to make it easier for the elderly couple.

Paradis, 29, cashed in on her husband’s pension fund and found a perfect two bedroom house for her grandparents on the Big Island, in Hawaii, near where they had lived for 45 years. She told Inside Edition:

“I have wanted to give them a home for a long time. The house they had is where I grew up, where my mother grew up, where all of her children grew up. It had neither electricity nor water.”


Paradis knew it was time to share the big news with her grandparents. How she wanted it to be a surprise She told them to look for an inexpensive apartment she had found for them to rent.

The grandparents looked around and told Paradis they loved the house, neither of them knew what was going to happen next.

You know what we always say: ‘If you give, you get?’” Paradis asked and her grandparents nodded in agreement. She continued:

“Well, I think it’s time for you to get something for all those years of helping others. This is your home.”

[De gauche à droite] Grandfather, Kahealani Paradis and Grandmother. | Source: York Post


The moment Paradis’ words came through, her grandmother exclaimed: “Oh, no way. Don’t lie to me, Kahea!” She cried heartily and was comforted by her equally shocked husband.

Paradis captured the touching moment in a video she shared on Facebook in March 2017. The elderly couple hugged and thanked their beloved granddaughter for the lovely gesture. Paradis also commented:

“I’ve dreamed of this for a long time. I am very fortunate to be able to achieve something like this for two of the most important people in my life.”

[De gauche à droite] Grandfather, Kahealani Paradis and Grandmother. | Source: York Post


His post on Facebook went viral and received over 56,000 views, 1,000 likes and over 400 comments. Many netizens have expressed their sincerest wishes for Paradis and his grandparents, appreciating his gesture.

Paradis then revealed that her grandparents were happy to settle into their new home and loved it. She also confided in her that her grandfather had planted a garden in his house and that he received his friends there.

It’s stories like these that restore our faith in humanity and warm our hearts at a time when we need positivity and love more than ever. Spread the kindness and share this incredibly touching story with your loved ones.

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