Gas, Minimum Wage Increase, Anti-Covid Restrictions: What Changes on May 1st

vss At the beginning of each month, the daily life of the French is transformed by several adjustments. This Sunday 1ah May will be marked in particular by the increase in gas prices, the increase in training allowances, but also the end of certain exceptional measures to combat Covid-19 in companies.

Regarding gas prices, the regulated sales tariffs applied by Engie will be effective on 1st January 2020ah May as a result of the increase in world prices, notably following the closure of the Suez Canal, where a cargo ship was stuck for six days at the end of March. This ex-tax increase is “0.3% for customers using gas for cooking, 0.7% for dual-use customers, cooking and hot water, and 1.2% for homes heated with gas,” explained the Energy Regulatory Commission.

In the transport sector, car and truck tires will now display clearer information about their fuel efficiency, wet, snow and ice grip and tire noise. The driver has access to a technical data sheet via a QR code. In the longer term, European regulations will also require manufacturers to provide claims on durability or abrasion resistance that release polluting particles.

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From Sunday, train tickets can also be paid for online with holiday vouchers. Travelers must go to the website of the ANCV (National Agency for Holiday Vouchers) to dematerialize them. Until then, this was only possible at the train station.

End of certain anti-Covid rules in business

Some notable changes in the companies are also worth noting. At the beginning of May, certain derogatory measures introduced in companies to facilitate the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic will end. The law passed last January to strengthen the tools to deal with the health crisis offered the possibility of postponing certain visits to occupational health services so that these services could be mobilized in the vaccination campaign against the virus.

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From this 1ah This derogation ends on 1 May and the occupational health services can no longer postpone the mandatory visits. In addition, the additional catering locations that made it possible to enforce the distance rules within companies also end on Monday.

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The remuneration of trainees in vocational training will increase with differences according to age groups. For 16 to 18-year-olds it will be 130 to 200 euros per month. For trainees aged 18 to 25, it increases to 500 euros (previously 310 or 400 euros). After 25 years, the remuneration is 685 euros. The scale has not changed since 2002.

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The minimum wage, for its part, will automatically increase by 2.65% due to the high inflation recorded since November, i.e. by around EUR 34 net per month. This is the third increase in seven months. For full-time employment, the monthly minimum wage is EUR 1,645.58 gross and increases from EUR 1,269 to EUR 1,302.64 net. The gross hourly minimum wage drops from 10.57 to 10.85 euros.

Reassessment of welfare and fluctuations in tobacco prices

The benefits of the family allowance funds (CAF) will also be reduced as of 1 April 2020ah can. This increase therefore affects the active solidarity income (RSA), family allowances, the basic allowance for small children, the joint child-rearing allowance (PreParE), the back-to-school allowance, the form of care, the activity bonus. In addition, the increase in disability allowance (AAH) from EUR 903.60 to EUR 919.86, which was decided in April, will take effect from the payment at the beginning of May.

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The price of cigarette packs will also change by a few cents starting this Sunday. French customs have updated tobacco retail prices for the month of May. Many packs will see a price drop of 10 cents, such as Rothmans and Vogue brands, while others will see a price increase, such as the Winston brand, which will be 10 cents more expensive. The average price for a pack of 20 cigarettes is still around ten euros.

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