Free time Sightseeing, Walks: Treasure hunt by SMS Arlon

Fancy an outdoor activity? So why not take a stroll while gambling in Arlon town centre? Three new exclusive treasure hunts are available in the capital. Arm yourself with a smartphone, unlimited SMS in your GSM package and discover the mysteries of Arlon!

Mirella Zaccagnini has thought up three fun walks in the heart of Arlon. Nice outdoor activities while everything is idle since the Covid, an invitation to walk in Arlon to discover the city of yesterday and today!

Thus, three circuits for pedestrians and observation games proposed in the historic heart of the city will allow you to discover the homages and traces of the past in a fun way, thanks to the puzzles posed along a pre-established route.

Three playful walks.
No fewer than three games are currently on offer with courses ranging from 1.5km to 2.5km in the heart of Arlon. The start of these three hikes is in the center of Arlon, Lopold.

A first interactive game encourages us to discover the city of Arlon of yesterday and today, a tour of more than 2 hours in the historic center to discover the tributes and vestiges of the past.

The second treasure hunt is the same, but shortened to historical information, with only the riddles, for children under 12 years old.

The third treasure hunt invites us to walk the streets of Arlon to discover the cobblestones that honor the memory of the victims of Nazism in Arlon.

Play with your smartphone.
The principle and operation of these games are quite simple. Offered through a website, Gemotions, you have to register once via email and then play with your smartphone without an internet connection. Everything is done via SMS on your phone and is generally free with the different offers of the phone providers. So you will receive the instructions on your phone, the riddles and the answers you will give will also be sent through this during the walk previously chosen.

Depending on the game you choose, you will have to pay a sum of 10 or 15, which will give you unique GSM access to these playful walks. It’s then up to you to do it as a team to discover Arlon. You also have the option to play multiple times within 30 days.

In summary, all you need is a mobile phone and an email address to join these hikes.

A 15% discount
These games of a new genre remain accessible during this time of pandemic. Better ! They are strongly recommended; they take place outdoors in splendid locations, with a playful and optimistic spirit, alone, in pairs, with family or friends. Hiking and playing in nature is great for physical and mental health!

The creator of the game invites you to discover this new initiative and therefore offers you a 20% discount thanks to the promo code: Mz21902 to enter when reserving the game.

Great activities to do with your spouse, friends, co-workers, kids, etc. Also a great way to (re)discover and promote the city of Arlon!

Meet at: to discover the capital Arlon. There all the instructions will be given to make the most of this adventure.

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