France will be able to make targeted cuts

A decree published on Friday provides for the possibility of a gas blackout for the largest consumers as a “last resort” and in the event of a supply disruption.

According to a decree published in the Official Journal on Friday, targeted gas cuts can be demanded from large consumers in France in order to cope with a possible disruption to Russia’s supply next winter. The government and the gas distribution network GRDF announced last week that they are preparing for the event pending the publication of the decree. It is “a device of last resort“, underlined the Ministry for Ecological Transition at the time. Only the largest consumers using more than 5 gigawatt hours per year are affected by these measures. According to the government, they are one of themabout 5000“. Individuals are therefore not affected.

Possible cuts in order of priority

According to the regulation, these bulk consumers receive a request from the gas manager asking for various pieces of information, such as: B. their activity or “the economic consequences it would suffer if its gas consumption were reduced or stopped», as well as a contact option to send him a load shedding order at any time. You must respond within a maximum of two months, otherwise you may be fined. Where applicable, these denominations, also “shed» will be carried out according to an order of priority to avoid penalizing consumers who could suffer serious economic consequences in the event of a gas failure and sites performing tasks of general interest (schools, hospitals, homes for the elderly, etc.) . They must be completed within a maximum of two hours.

For the time being, a suspension of Russian supplies “would have no consequences because we are at the end of winter‘ GRDF general manager Laurence Poirier-Dietz told AFP last week. On the other hand, “the question arises as to how the reservoirs are filled, which takes place in the summer‘ she recalled. The use of load shedding is also planned as a last resort in power consumption to avoid a general and uncontrolled blackout when the consumption exceeds the currently available power level. If it is no longer sufficient to stop the supply of the largest electricity consumers, it is possible to organize rotating shutdowns in around 200,000 households simultaneously for 2 hours.

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