[Football] Pétange wins the Prince’s Cup 40 years later

The two clubs had already declared themselves in 2018 and Racing emerged as the winner. Not this time: less playful, but more mature and solid, Titus grabs the trophy!

The 2019 youth finally has a successor, after two years of Covid that prevented the juniors from organizing their annual high mass. And to its neighbor Bascharageois came Titus Pétange to celebrate the second title in its history after the crowning of CS Pétange in 1982, forty years ago.

Tactically, technically and physically, the football played by two teams of this caliber already has nothing to do with what was done five years ago. But as admirable as that is, it’s no guarantee of spectacle. In the first third, after a shot by Taber from a very acute angle and pushed back by Giovanardi on the RFCU side (14 ‘) and after a cross in front of goal that Alonso was able to clear in front of Machado (25 ‘), there is a difference between 1st and 3rd place in the Junior Championship spent almost nothing.

As a prelude to this shock, Sébastien Allieri, racing trainer, had indicated that the Titus had “more maturity” and people who had already raced on DN turf and could therefore make a difference. While the capital club monopolized the ball and their opponent tried to counter with high enough balloons, things cracked in the 38th minute: the capital club couldn’t clear it from 25 meters and the ball landed in the penalty area at Ruben Gonçalves, already 12 Appearances in the BGL league this season, knocking out amijekori (just one appearance in Saibene’s group, him) and fooling D’Orlando from the left (0-1).

Three players with cramps in the 68th minute

An ideal scenario for the Titus, who have yet to beat the RFCU in three opponents this season and feel firmly anchored in their hard-to-move defensive block for this final. In the breaks of the first period, on a corner, Dewalque still emerges with a full axis, on a corner to stumble on Giovanardi in the six meters. The equalizer was very close (45+2).

The break loosens up the meeting a bit. That doesn’t mean the odds are going down any more than they were before half-time. With this detail that in the 68th minute three different players from Petange are on the ground with cramps. The beginning of great trouble for Mourad Boukellal’s men? Not because less than three minutes later Rocha, who entered on the hour and was warned almost immediately thereafter, dragged his crampons on Torres’ ankle and was sent off.

The race ends at ten. And will be satisfied with a still sterile possession of the ball, which comes to the corner after a shot on goal deflected by Martins with a head (90 + 3). His game principles are nice, but this Thursday April 14, 2022 they didn’t give him the trophy.

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