Ferrero Arlon: Upgrading the factory will take time

The Afsca sent Ferrero their list of requirements in order to be able to resume production at the plant. “Before the necessary work is carried out, Ferrero has to draw up a work plan, which it then has to submit to Afsca. The management of the company is busy making this plan. It will plan what needs to be done. It’s us, like it seems to me still a long way from resuming activity. says Sylviane Arnould of CSC Nutrition.

A work to restart the machines, which will be carried out in stages. If this plan is approved by the Afsca, some of the workers will be invited to take part in this cleaning and disinfecting work of the tool. But all this should not start next week, but probably at the beginning of May.

It is currently not possible to predict when the plant will be able to resume operations.

The desire to hire 60 seasonal workers

But Ferrero Ardennes continues to reassure the unions by confirming that it intends to hire around sixty seasonal workers on fixed-term contracts with the goal of permanent contracts.

“The affected seasonal workers will be notified by Ferrero management on Monday. We also asked them to communicate with the other seasonal workers who are out of contract since the factory closed to reassure them. Like every year, it will also launch a call for new seasonal workers” continues Sylviane Arnould.

On the other hand, unions have expressed disappointment at the lack of progress for seasonal workers out of work since April 8th. “They don’t get paid. On paper it makes sense but humanly it’s a painful situation. It’s a disappointment for us but we understand Ferrero’s position.”

Several agreements signed

Among other items on the agenda of this meeting, workers received better reimbursement for their travel expenses retroactive to March 1st. a measure called for before the facts of salmonella.

“A fixed-term contract has been signed until June 30, which will be revalued according to the price of fuel.” shows Françoise Malherbe, Regional Secretary Setca Luxembourg.

After discussion, agreement was also reached on the performance bonus. ” This bonus is granted once a year in the month of September, depending on the results that the factory and therefore the workers have achieved. With the current closure of several weeks, the management will compensate. If the losses are related to this shortage, “forced production” continues Françoise Malherbe.

Next meeting on May 2nd

The next meeting between unions and Ferrero management is scheduled for Monday May 2nd. Workers’ representatives are hoping for answers about the fate of the 340 seasonal workers left on the ground. ” We are in a good social dialogue, the employer is making an effort and showing its willingness to return to work. The process is lengthy and closely monitored by the Afsca.” close Sylviane Arnould and Françoise Malherbe.

Ferrero Arlon wants to resume production at full speed as soon as the entire chain is back in order. When and how remains to be seen.

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