everything that awaits you from May 1st!

Do you want to know what awaits you from May 1st? The good news is that the minimum wage and certain benefits will increase. Just like the price of petrol for private individuals. We give you the full list of changes in this article.

What are the adjustments from May 1st?

New adjustments begin May 1st for the French. For example, the increase in petrol prices and the salaries of trainees, but also the end of certain measures against Covid-19 in companies.

Engie has hiked gas prices by 1.1% from May 1st. This is due to the increase in world market prices. But also because of the freighter that was stuck in the Suez Canal for six days at the end of March. The ex-tax increase is “0.3% for customers using gas for cooking, 0.7% for dual-use customers, cooking and hot water, and 1.2% for homes heated with gas.”said the Energy Regulatory Commission.

In addition, in the field of transport, the French will be able to get more information about tires for cars and trucks. Indeed, sellers must display data on their performance in terms of fuel consumption, but also on their grip on wet surfaces, snow and ice. In addition, the motorist also receives information about the noises caused by rolling. Everything will be accessible thanks to a QR code on a detailed technical sheet. In a few months, European regulations will also oblige manufacturers to provide information on durability or abrasion resistance. In fact, we know that this releases pollutant particles.

From May 1st, travelers can use holiday vouchers to pay for their train tickets directly online. The latter must go to the website of the ANCV (National Agency for Holiday Vouchers) to dematerialize them. Previously it was necessary to go to the station to perform this operation.

The end of the anti-Covid rules in companies on June 1st

On the business side, the rules regarding Covid-19 are becoming more flexible. As of May 1st, the systems set up in January 2022 will be retired. For example, there will no longer be any postponement of mandatory doctor visits for employees. In fact, these services no longer need to be mobilized in the vaccination campaign against the virus. In addition, the locations and distance rules in the catering areas will also be completed from Monday.

In addition, the salary of trainees in vocational training will increase in line with their age for their greatest happiness. For trainees between the ages of 16 and 18, the remuneration increases from 130 euros to 200 euros per month. For 18 to 25 year olds it increases to 500 euros (compared to 310 or 400 euros previously). If you are over 25 years old, the salary is 685 euros. As a reminder, these thresholds had not changed since 2002.

The minimum wage will increase by 2.65% from May 1st. This increase corresponds to a net increase of around 34 euros. This is the third increase in seven months. Inflation has exploded since November. A full-time employee, for example, has a gross monthly minimum wage of EUR 1,645.58. This goes from 1,269 to 1,302.64 euros net. In short, the gross hourly minimum wage will fall from 10.57 to 10.85 euros.

Increase in welfare and fluctuating tobacco prices

The social assistance paid by the family allowance funds (CAF) will also be increased. An increase of 1.8% compared to 1ah can. This applies to the Active Solidary Income (RSA), family allowance, basic security for small children, the joint child-raising allowance (PreParE), the school start assistance, the childcare allowance and also the activity bonus. Not to forget the increase in disability allowance (AAH) from 903.60 to 919.86 euros, which was decided in April and will also come into force on May 1st.

Finally, the last change for this month of May concerns the price of packs of cigarettes. These will increase by a few cents starting today. In fact, French customs have updated their tobacco retail tariffs. Some brands like Rothmans and Vogue will see a 10 cent drop. But others will gain, like the Winston, which will show 10 cents more expensive. As a reminder: the average price of a pack of 20 is always around ten euros.

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