Electric hair: how to avoid static electricity in our hair?

Your hair is all over the place and you don’t know how to control it? We tell you what to do to stop the electric hair phenomenon.

Why do I have electric hair?

When the air is cold and dry, as it is in very cold weather, it conducts less electricity and therefore holds less moisture. This also dries out the hair and builds up static electricity. If their charge is opposite to that of the surrounding objects or clothing, they attract each other like magnets.

  • Don’t touch his hair

To take care of your hair, you need to damage it as little as possible. That means: space your brushing out (once a week is enough), don’t wash too often (every two to three days), don’t rub your scalp too hard when shampooing, and choose a rich and nourishing shampoo to weigh down the hair.

Finally, it is important to hydrate them as often as possible.

  • Avoid contact with synthetic materials

While you might suspect that few people spend their days frantically tossing their hair with synthetic materials (especially acrylic materials), know that these materials conduct electricity. Avoid frequent contact with jumpers (particularly turtlenecks), hats or scarves.

  • Lower the temperature

Cold water ? Hot? lukewarm? The debate is long. If rinsing your hair with cold water is known to make hair shiny, it would also tend to make it electric. The same applies if they are rinsed with water that is too hot. The ideal therefore remains to rinse the hair with lukewarm water.

This prevents a sudden temperature change and therefore eliminates the risk of exciting positive charges of ions.

To discipline your hair, do not hesitate to sprinkle it with a veil of lacquer or heat a dab of wax or styling paste in the palm of your hand and apply lightly to both sides of the hair. .

Another option: wax.

Which brush to use to avoid static electricity in the hair?

In order not to increase the chances of electric hair, plastic brushes should be banned. Those made of natural hair are softer and more respectful to the hair.

Because the temperature difference increases static electricity, it is better to wait a few minutes after exposure to cold before brushing your hair in a warm room.

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