Electric bike: Bosch is full of updates

With its latest update series, Bosch integrates the smartphone even more into the everyday life of users.

As one of the leading equipment manufacturers in the market for electrically assisted bicycles, Bosch is continuously developing its range. After unveiling what’s new for 2022 late last year, the manufacturer has just rolled out a new update that introduces a bunch of new features.

The smartphone becomes the on-board computer

Using the smartphone as an on-board computer, which has become commonplace among some competitors such as Cowboy, comes to Bosch with the latest update of the eBike Flow application. Downloadable via iOS and Android, it eliminates the traditional Kiox control console by turning your phone into a real on-board computer. Thanks to the app’s new “Ride” menu, the user can view all driving data in real time: speed, battery charge level, remaining range, etc.

For this to work, however, you must purchase the new SmartphoneGrip. It is sold for 49 euros and is also compatible with the Kiox console. In addition to data transmission, an induction or wired charging function is also integrated, with an LED visually indicating whether charging is activated.

The eBike Flow app also includes a new map function. In addition to the classic use of navigation, users can also receive route suggestions based on their driving profile (city, tour, off-road). That
Important points such as bicycle shops or charging stations are also marked.

The Bosch app also opens for other applications. If the user records his driving data, these can now be synchronized directly with the Komoot or Strava apps.

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More security with eBike Lock

The already available eBike Lock function will also be further developed to turn your smartphone into a real digital key. Of course, for this to work, you need to “pair” your bike and phone. The system then activates “hands-free”. Only when the bike recognizes the corresponding smartphone via Bluetooth is the support activated (similar to a Tesla). Optionally, the motorization can also emit a sound in the event of suspicious movements.

This functionality, intended to make the user’s everyday life easier, nevertheless remains a complement to a mechanical anti-theft device.

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