Ecology, candidate programs under the magnifying glass

All environmentalists? With the exception of the far-right candidates, every contender for the Élysée Palace now has the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Behind a formula that has become commonplace, let’s recall the ambitious goal: It involves dividing our current emissions by at least six CO2. “The incorporation of this goal into law in 2019 forced candidates to seize it, says Anne Bringault, program coordinator at the Climate Action Network. The problem is that this doesn’t necessarily lead to concrete proposals to make it happen. »

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Because there is a gap between the programs that is given to the environment. The issue is at the heart of rebellious Jean-Luc Mélenchon and environmental candidate Yannick Jadot. It is also present, to a lesser extent, with communist Fabien Roussel and socialist Anne Hidalgo, who show ambition in several key sectors.

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The candidates Les Républicains (LR) Valérie Pécresse and Emmanuel Macron give him only a limited space (a page with programs that include about twenty). For the extreme right, ecology serves as a foil. In the few lines dedicated to the subject in their project, Marine Le Pen, like Éric Zemmour, insists above all on freezing every new wind project on land and at sea.

Common point of most programs: the building responsible for 17% of French emissions. Almost all of them have ambitions when it comes to renovation. This is hardly surprising: successive governments have supported this policy since 2007. The nuance lies in a clear desire on the left for mandatory measures and major renovations.

“classic” division

“We find the classic left-right division, analyzes Daniel Boy, Research Director Emeritus at Cevipof (Sciences Po). The right promotes environmental policies based more on the benefits of science and technology. She opposes the ideas of sobriety carried by the left. » Valérie Pécresse and Emmanuel Macron present technological solutions: hydrogen transport, relaunch of the nuclear fission research project (Astrid) by Valérie Pécresse, who also makes offers “Sustainable reindustrialization”.