Duarte Marivoet Scholiers: “I knew where to step on the gas” – News

This Sunday Duarte Marivoet Scholiers defeated the competition in the Belgian championship in the time trial. Over the 23.2 kilometers around Gavere, the Auto-Eder team member edged out Jens Verbrugghe (Avia-Rudyco CT) by 42 seconds and Yarno Van Herck (Acrog-Tormans-Balen BC) by more than a minute (see ranking). “I was hoping to win, but to make gaps like that from then on, I’m very surprised”The winner at the microphone almost apologizes to him DirectVelo. After winning last week’s national time trial in Poperinge, the Junior 1 came to Gavere with ambitions but caution. “The round at Poperinge showed who was in good form, but some guys like Vlad Van Mechelen weren’t there, so we had to be careful.”

Compared to last week, he feels he has managed his efforts better. “We had drawn up a plan with my coach. I knew where to step on the gas. In my opinion, thanks to a better distribution of my powers, I gained about twenty seconds. I felt good on the bike without having a crazy day. Also, my brakes dragged a bit. I was not influenced by this detail. I took the turns hard. I was a bit on the edge. I could see Yarno Van Herck (the future 3rd in the event, editor’s note) far away. That doubled my motivation. I was even able to overtake him in the last bump before the finish line.”


Reflecting on his performance, Duarte Marivoet Scholiers identified two other aspects that could explain the difference to the competition. “I’ve gained muscle mass, so I’m performing well. I’m not a 75-pound beast Watts can send, but I’m still moving forward on a bike. I think I have a good position My bike. Machine”. Even if the Antwerp native thinks he can still do better. “I train three times a week on the time trial bike, but I’m not always looking for an optimal position. In the beginning I worked on a bike borrowed from the federation, but I can still correct it. If I am selected for the European and World Championships, I will work even more in this discipline.

Here he is already with three wins after two months of competition. “My start to the season had a lot of flat races and I’ve already raised my arms three times. This is totally unexpected.” A good omen ahead of the mountainous events looming on the horizon. It will in fact link the Course de la Paix (May 5-8), the Tour du Pays de Vaud (May 26-29) and the Classique des Alpes (June 4). “Now that I know my time trial is good I can focus on my climbing skills. I don’t put myself under any pressure. I changed my mindset from last year when I was too focused on the result commitment. Now I’m much more relaxed. I was relaxed before the Chronos started. My new mental approach is paying off.”

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