Do you brush your hair without static electricity? Tips from David Lucas

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From Pyla-sur-Mer, hairdresser David Lucas, king of perfectly tamed lengths, exclusively shows his tips to indicate hair that does not move an iota, without static electricity. And that at any time of the day.

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Miss Figaro. – Where does static electricity come from?
David Luke. –
Friction caused by brushes or synthetic clothing creates “electrostatic”. Without forgetting that in winter this phenomenon is amplified by the combination of cold air and very dry days. On these days, due to the lack of humidity, the air does not become very conductive and the electrical charges of the hair cannot travel (and therefore neutralize each other); it is then observed that the electricity stagnates there. Result: The hair takes on the same function as that of a magnet! When they encounter the opposite electrical charges of certain objects (clothes, hairbrushes, etc.), they are naturally attracted to them. And with dry hair, the attraction is even more visible.

Any tips to keep your hair moisturized?
Admittedly, it is important to use a shampoo that fully suits the hair’s texture. But the latter, as a bonus, must provide them with a good dose of nutrients to coat the hair fiber, like my Monique shampoo, enriched with keratin and formulated without sulfates or silicones (19€). Another important gesture not to skip: the rinse. Choose a soothing formula that strengthens the hair’s protective barrier. Last tip: systematically apply a moisturizing serum or anti-frizz treatment as a day cream to maintain moisture levels at the top.

Monique Keratin Shampoo, David Lucas, 250ml, €19. David Lucas / press photo

And what about accessories?
Hunt and run away from plastic! The latter contains a very significant static charge and if you comb your hair with it, it will be deposited in your hair. Prefer brushes made of natural material. I also recommend my clients to use an ionic hair dryer or use the “cool air” function. Note that it is ideal to let them dry outside, even if the period is not suitable.

There’s nothing quite like a pretty bun that clears the face to pair with a chunky turtleneck in style.

Which styling products do you recommend?
First of all, I don’t recommend hairspray that has an alcohol content that dries out your hair. And again, I recommend using a styling spray that contains moisturizing and protective ingredients.

Hair styling tips that change everything?
Before you start styling, massage your head by lightly dampening it with cold water to increase humidity. And if you still really can’t fix your hair, tie it up and avoid plastic or metal accessories. There’s nothing quite like a pretty bun that clears the face to pair with a chunky turtleneck in style.

True or False: Would changing your side parting under your hat and then repositioning it in its natural place once the hat is removed be enough to combat this phenomenon?
I welcome this Top to keep its natural volume when you take off the cap or motorcycle helmet. By positioning the hairs in the opposite direction to their natural implantation, the helmet cannot simply “straighten” the hairs. When removed, the upset hair resumes its place with an identical volume. However, I don’t think it can channel the effect of static electricity.

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