Discussions with a Kuwaiti company to convert Lake Kivu gas into electricity

(Agence Ecofin) – In order to boost the socio-economic growth of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Congolese authorities are pursuing a strategy aimed at forging partnerships to boost investments in the national energy sector.

The Congolese Minister for Hydrocarbons, Didier Budimbu Ntubuanga (photo, right) has been traveling to Kuwait since Thursday, April 28th. A visit to discuss with Fouad Alghanim (photo left), head of conglomerate Alghanim International, the opportunities of the DRC’s oil and gas sector in relation to the next round of licensing is scheduled for June 2022.

The main focus of the exchange was the question of converting gas from Lake Kivu into electricity. A project that, once commissioned, will effectively cover the energy needs of the local population, among others.

According to Alghanim, the Congolese hydrocarbon sector represents an interesting opportunity for the company he heads. The boss pointed to Alghanim International’s commitment to apply for the next round of tenders in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The official also mentioned a visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo “in the next few days”. The meeting will make it possible to continue the talks that have been started and, possibly, to sign agreements on the implementation of development projects, including the conversion of the lake’s gas resources into electricity.

Lake Kivu is one of Africa’s largest rivers and is shared with the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. With the 60 billion m3 of dissolved methane it houses and the 300 billion m3 by CO2 that due to its location in an active seismic zone, Lake Kivu has the potential to deliver more than 700 MW of electricity for at least 50 years, according to several estimates, despite the risks.

Unlike Rwanda, which has initiated various projects to exploit Lake Kivu’s resources since 2008, the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s commitment to the project is new. In 2019, the country signed an agreement with the Tunisian company Engineering Procurement & Project Management (EPPM) to generate electricity by degassing the Congolese part of the lake.

Abdel Latif Boureima

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