Discover the technique to get rid of static electricity

One of the plagues of winter is static electricity when you take off your hat or scarf. Find out how to get rid of it!

Static electricity, everyone has experienced it, especially in winter. It occurs when insulating materials come into contact with one another.

This physical phenomenon can occur after friction, especially e.g. B. your clothes on your office chair, your hat or your scarf. The theoretically equal positive and negative electrical charges are then amplified.

In general, however, this current leaks through the ground it can happen that it escapes through discharges when touching a conductive element like a doorknob or even a person.

Because the air is drier in winter, electron transfer is slowed down. Since this air is more insulating, the electrons must accumulate in order to be able to overcome the insulating barrier, which leads to premature overloads or discharges, but also to hairline cracks.

When these discharges interfere with your daily life, you may find that your resistance to electricity is higher and that you accumulate it before it can escape. How to try to get rid of it?

The safety pin in the pocket

Just place a safety pin hidden in a pocket or attached to clothing. It becomes electrically charged and prevents you from feeling an electric shock if you come into contact with a conductive element.

Wet hair and clothes

Water molecules attract positive and negative charges into your body. So this trick reduces the number of shocks! We therefore do not hesitate to spray water on his hair or clothes.

Hydrate your skin

When you get out of the shower, wet your body and face. This increases your electrical resistance and nourishes your skin!

Add white vinegar or fabric softener

Pour a little white vinegar when preparing a washing machine, or put an aluminum scoop in the washing machine. The fabric softener is also a good antistatic agent, even if this solution is not the most ecological.

If you want to rid your clothes of charged elements, brush them with a carbon fiber brush.

Choose leather soles

Say goodbye to rubber soles, prefer shoes with leather soles, much less conductive material.

Choose your clothes well

Some materials are extremely conductive such as polyester or nylon. If your clothes are charged with electricity, don’t hesitate to put fabric softener towels over them.

Less shampoo, less static electricity

Don’t wash your hair as often in winter as you do in summer. Thanks to the production of sebum, you do not have erect hair. Also, avoid dry shampoos.

hand cream

Keep a tube of hand cream nearby. If you are plagued by discharge during the day, the cream can only reduce it!

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