DIRECT. Ukraine: Gazprom halts gas supplies to Poland via the Yamal gas pipeline


In Ukraine, Moscow is targeting bridges and railroads to slow arms shipments

Russian forces are bombing bridges and railroads to slow Western arms shipments to Ukraine, an adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister said after destroying a strategic route connecting the country with Romania.

“The enemy has caused significant damage to the infrastructure of the bridge, which will require significant effort and time to restore,” the Ministry of Transport said on Telegram. According to him, traffic is disrupted. This route connects neighboring Romania with the port city of Odessa, coveted by Russia.


The Netherlands will supply self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine

Amsterdam will deliver “a limited number” of Panzerhaubitz 2000 to Kyiv, the government has confirmed. According to the Ministry of Defence, these howitzers represent the “heaviest artillery in the Dutch army” and can shell enemy targets 50 kilometers away. This delivery could have consequences for the Dutch army’s operational capability and effectiveness, believes Niels van Woensel, president of the Dutch Officers’ Association.


Gazprom halts gas supplies to Poland via the Yamal gas pipeline

The Russian company Gazprom will stop gas deliveries to Poland starting tomorrow, the Polish gas company PGNiG announced in a press release this evening. He clarified that Poland is ready to get the missing gas from other sources.


Putin tells Guterres he still hopes for a “positive outcome” in negotiations with Ukraine

Despite the ongoing fighting between the two countries, “negotiations continue (…) I hope that we will come to a positive conclusion,” Vladimir Putin said at his meeting in the Kremlin with the UN Secretary-General. He said that the Moscow-Kyiv negotiations in Istanbul in March “made a serious step forward because our Ukrainian colleagues did not link the security requirements of Ukraine’s international security to a specific understanding of Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders.”


France backs Moldova amid ‘risks of destabilisation’

Following a series of explosions in the pro-Russian separatist region of Transnistria, neighboring war-torn Ukraine, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian,

“expressed his concern and vigilance to his Moldovan counterpart regarding the incidents that have taken place in Transnistria over the past two days. In this regard, he reiterated France’s full support for the stability, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Moldova, given the risks of destabilization that it may face,” read a press release.


Putin is not “serious” about negotiating with Ukraine, says Blinken

“So far we have seen no sign that President Putin is serious about meaningful negotiations,” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. “The United States will support the Ukrainian authorities in their diplomatic efforts to negotiate a peace deal,” he added, explaining that “our goal is to ensure they are able to repel Russian aggression and defend their position effectively.” to strengthen a possible negotiating table.



Ukrainian soldiers are trained in Germany

According to Spiegel, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht has announced that Ukrainian soldiers will be trained in Germany to use the so-called “Gepard” tanks, which specialize in anti-aircraft defense. These vehicles destined for Ukraine come from the stocks of the German defense industry and not from the limited reserves of the Bundeswehr.



Washington and its allies will meet monthly to provide military assistance to Ukraine

The United States and its allies will meet monthly to discuss how to strengthen Ukraine’s military capabilities against Russia, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced after meeting some 40 countries in Germany. “Today’s meeting will become a monthly contact group on the defense of Ukraine,” the minister said, adding that he wanted to coordinate the action of “nations of goodwill to intensify our efforts, coordinate and focus our aid.” “To Win the Battle Today and the Battles to Come”.



UN decides obligation for permanent members to justify any veto

The United Nations General Assembly unanimously passed a resolution calling on the five permanent members of the Security Council to justify their use of the veto, a rare reform that was acclaimed and revived by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The measure, initiated by Liechtenstein, targets the United States, China, Russia, France and the United Kingdom, the sole holders of the veto, and aims to “make them pay a higher political price” if they seek recourse, an ambassador said from a country that has none and asks to remain anonymous.


Radioactivity levels in Chernobyl are ‘in the normal range’

Contrary to earlier statements by AFP, radioactivity at Chernobyl is “in the normal range,” according to Rafael Grossi, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). It’s not “abnormal” as mentioned earlier. Rafael Grossi was there, 36 years to the day after the worst civilian nuclear disaster in history.



Kyiv destroys a historical monument dedicated to Ukrainian-Russian friendship

Kyiv City Hall has begun demolition of a Soviet-era historical monument celebrating the friendship between Ukraine and Russia.

AFP journalists in Kyiv saw the head of one of the statue’s two figures collapse as a crane attempted to dismantle it in central Kyiv. “Eight meters of metal from the so-called friendship between the two peoples dismantled. And what is symbolic (…) the head of the Russian worker fell, ”the mayor of the Ukrainian capital Vitali Klitschko said on Telegram.

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Wimbledon: Banning Russians and Belarusians, a necessary ‘option’

Wimbledon had “no (other) option” than excluding Russian and Belarusian tennis players from the next edition, which will be held in June-July, organizers have told the All England Club. In order to participate in the tournament, the Russian and Belarusian players “should have submitted a written statement (against the invasion of Ukraine), a situation that could have endangered the players and their families”, the All England president justified. Club, Ian Hewitt, specifying that it is a condition imposed by the UK government.


Transnistria: Moldova calls for “calm” and strengthens its security

“This is an attempt to increase tensions (…) We urge our fellow citizens to remain calm and feel safe,” President Maïa Sandu said after a National Security Council meeting, announcing the tightening of transport controls and border patrols.

Tiraspol (picture). LP/Olivier ARANDEL.


Ukraine accuses Moscow of wanting to “destabilize” Transnistria

“Russia wants to destabilize the Transnistrian region, which suggests that Moldova should expect it Guests “said Advisor to the Ukrainian Presidency Mikhaïlo Podoliak on Twitter, referring to the Russian soldiers who have invaded Ukraine since February 24.


Putin: “No more fighting” in Mariupol

In Mariupol “there are no more fights”, according to Vladimir Putin. “Regarding the Ukrainian soldiers and the nationalist battalions blocked in the Azovstal factory, the Kiev authorities must accept their political responsibility and order them to lay down their arms, guided by humanitarian principles,” continues the Russian leader, who with the s phoned Turkish President.


Commodity prices could remain high until the end of 2024

Food and energy prices, whose rises have been exacerbated by the war, could remain high for several years, the World Bank estimates, referring to the end of 2024 has changed trade, production and consumption patterns around the world,” determines the institution. Our article.

(picture) dr


Putin congratulates Russian athletes ‘despite sanctions punishing them’

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Russia’s Beijing Olympics medalists “despite sanctions punishing athletes”. As a reminder, most federations have banned Russia from international competitions since the invasion of Ukraine began. “In this very tough context, your commitment is all the more important,” he defended himself.

(iconic sport)


Humanitarian issues discussed

According to the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed the “humanitarian” situation in Ukraine.

The two leaders “discussed in detail the situation in Ukraine related to the special military operation in defense of Donbass (…)”, specifies the Russian Presidency in a press release.

AFP Photo/Russian Presidential Press


An “abnormal” radioactivity in Chernobyl

AFP/Genya Savilov


“Possible War Crimes”

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for an investigation into “possible war crimes” in Ukraine. “I am concerned about the repeated reports of possible war crimes” in Ukraine, said the UN official in Moscow, saying they “require an independent investigation”. Our article.

Reuters/Maxim Shemetov


“Negotiations are ongoing,” says Sergei Lavrov

Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov assures that negotiations are continuing and that Russia is ready to proceed in this direction. “It’s too early to talk about progress,” he said.

Russian Foreign Ministry/Sputnik/Abaca


The West has “teased Russia”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov believes that “the allies used Ukraine as a terrain to irritate Russia.” He says they want to “restrict Russian culture, go against Russian interests and reinforce Nazi practices.”

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Guterres wants to “save lives”

During a visit to the Russian capital, Moscow, the Secretary-General of the United Nations declared that his “goal is to save lives and alleviate suffering”. “I am concerned about reports of violations of international law,” he adds, calling for “independent” investigations. She also calls for the establishment of “humanitarian corridors”.

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Russia Says ‘Help Civilians’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that “the operation in Ukraine was launched to help the civilian population.” He specifies that “five humanitarian convoys have already been successfully organized in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.”

1:35 p.m

Russia expels three Swedish diplomats

In retaliation for a similar move by Sweden, Russia is expelling three Swedish diplomats.

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