Clubs resume service

Recently, the mayor of Colombiès gathered all the associations of the municipality at the Talespues town hall to look back on the past few years, obviously in the context of the pandemic. Many associations responded and all were able to concisely summarize the results of the events, the difficulties encountered in these 2 years and publish the projects for 2022.

That evening, the representatives of the Social Center of the Landes Segali and AJAL, who were invited to this meeting, explained their role and their duties to the associations or the population.

The social center offers help in everyday life, reception in Naucelle and soon in Baraqueville and in the city on Monday mornings (info point France Services), parent-child workshops, linkmaking, Repair’Café, France Info Roaming and Senior Infopoint, solidarity wardrobe open to all …

The cultural association AJAL brings its collaboration in terms of animation (roaming in the communities, schools) with already a project of four shows on June 11th with street theater and music all day long in the heart of the village.

Then the mayor recalled the financial or material support of the associations and invited everyone to make some ecological gestures so as not to increase the costs related to the structures by saving on electricity, water or heating.

Are already planned on the associative agenda of the village: opening of the Saint-Claude restaurant in mid-June; Citizens’ day on June 25 for street cleaning from 8:30 a.m.; inventory of trails in partnership with hunters; Saturday morning market on Place de la Méridienne; Passage of the sports caravan on July 9; Collection of printer cartridges in front of the school entrance; parish festival on July 14; *Votive festival on July 31st with the Festival Committee of Colombiès; Tea dance on August 14 (afternoon) with the Talespues festival committee; April 24, Méchoui and August 15, votive festival with the Festival Committee of Combrouze; Votive celebration on August 22 with the Limayrac Festival Committee; Quine from school on April 23; Tuesday, May 21, 30th Anniversary of ADMR; May 31 Excursion to the Camargue of the club atmosphere; Bowling competition in Colombiès on June 12th and Limayrac on May 15th; August 28 horseback riding and hiking with L’éperon; June 4th and 6th Tourmalet bike tour with Run & Bike; May 14th, Chick Archery Contest with Luc Prim’arc…

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