CEA and GRDF form a partnership for renewable gases

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The partnership between CEA and GRDF aims to accelerate the development of complementary technologies for anaerobic digestion and the recovery of CO2 from purification, as in this plant in Machecoul, Loire-Atlantique. © G Baron

A five-year partnership connects the public research institution and the gas network operator. This exchange of expertise aims to develop innovative solutions and rethink the gas network.

that ECA (Commission on Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies) and GRDF (Gaz Réseau Distribution France) announced on April 13, 2022 that it would join for at least five years as part of a strategic partnership. This pursues two main goals. The first is the development of innovative solutions to optimize the production of renewable gases. The second is adapting the network to tomorrow’s gases.

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Hydrothermal gasification and methanation

Today only the anaerobic fermentation reached a level of maturity that allows for large-scale development. Beyond improving this technology and its manufacturing costs, it is about supporting the development of new ways, such as Hydrothermal gasification or the methanation. The first converts liquid biomass into methane and mineral fertilizers within minutes.

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Methanation consists of a reactionhydrogen with something carbon dioxide (CO2) to produce methane the synthesis. Several companies and research labs are currently developing the biomethanationwhich consists in making this synthesis from microorganisms.

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Rapid growth expected

These developing technologies complement anaerobic digestion. The first can provide energy recovery digestthe second provides an outlet for the CO2 generated during cleaning biogas in biomethane.

Although still in their infancy, early protesters are promising. In a context of crisis and energy transition, where Europe’s reliance on gas is a geopolitical weakness, growth in these sectors is accelerating.

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