Cdiscount Energie, which wanted to part with its customers, decided not to stop gas

RMC INFO. Greenyellow, a subsidiary of Casino and provider of Cdiscount energy, is refraining from suspending its gas supply activities on April 6 due to the government’s failure to give the go-ahead.

Unexpected good news. Customers who buy gas from GreenYellow, a service provider of Cdiscount Energie, received an email on Monday telling them that their contract would not end on Wednesday 6 April as planned. In this e-mail, the company first confirms that it intends to terminate its gas supply activity “in the context of a sharp and continuous increase in the supply price”.

Problem: Since the “responsible authorities have not responded, the announced closure is no longer relevant”. Of course, since the government has not given the green light to suspend gas supplies, Greenyellow and Cdiscount cannot shut down their activities.

“It’s dishonesty, treason”

A relief for customers who have concluded a supply contract with GreenYellow. But this announcement, which comes a day before the announced end of the contract, is not meant to please the thousands of customers who have already left.

“We were pressured to leave. We waited until the last moment, but changed suppliers at the beginning of April because we were afraid of the cut. It’s dishonesty, treason,” denounces Arnaud, who testified to RMC at the end of January.

How many customers are in the same situation? “Everyone has to be compensated,” explains François Carlier, general delegate of the consumer association CLCV, to RMC the origin of a class action lawsuit against Cdiscount Energie and GreenYellow. “Of the 35,000 affected, the vast majority have left, so we have to deal with that,” he adds. Cdiscount and GreenYellow have written to people several times saying ‘we’re going on April 6th so you have to go’ and now there they are saying ‘well finally we’re not going’ so obviously those people just got more deceived.”

The CLCV states that the class action lawsuit is continuing “more than ever”. The consumer center asks the company to acknowledge the damage and to compensate all customers.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Ecological Transition replied to us on this subject:
“Greenyellow has notified the Ministry of the cessation of natural gas supply activity. That decision is his and it is not up to the Ministry to oppose it. However, this cessation of activity must be carried out in compliance with the contractual obligations towards its customers and those assigned to it by the Energy Code as supplier, including the obligation of continuity of supply.
Insofar as there are customers in Greenyellow’s portfolio to date, it is not up to the ministry to intervene in properly concluded contractual relationships between a supplier and its customers. A desire to withdraw from the market is not in itself a reason for withdrawal of the license to supply natural gas.

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