Why are dogs afraid of thunderstorms?

1 in 4 French owns a dog. You’ve probably noticed that your dog gets stressed when there’s thunder and lightning. Because yes, the dog, like some people, is sometimes astraphobic, brontophobic and keranophobic. astrophobia, fear of thunderstorms, Keraunophobia, lightning and brontophobia, not that of brontosaurs…except when you look jurassic park, it’s not disturbing… No, it’s … Read more

How to prepare your computer for back to school

By Saad Sebti, Marketing and Development Coordinator at INSERTECH, a social economy company (NPO) specializing in IT. When your computer leaves the store, everything runs normally. But over time, if not well maintained, it will accumulate dust, reach saturation, and slow down. How to give him a facelift to start the school year on the … Read more

How do you get soft clothes without adding fabric softener?

After washing with hard water, it is common for clothes to become rough and dull. This is often due to the deposition of calcium carbonate on the fibers. We are therefore tempted to use chemical fabric softeners to make the laundry softer. However, these products can pose health and environmental risks. Fortunately, there are effective … Read more

These nanogenerators efficiently generate energy from waves

– Markush Katerina / Shutterstock.com A team of Chinese researchers recently unveiled promising tiny generators. These use the energy of the waves to generate electricity and have a record level of efficiency. A different design In contrast to wind and sun, the high costs are still slowing down developmentwave energy. Today most systems produceelectricity of … Read more

Ford Transit Custom (2023). Diesel and plug-in hybrid versions presented

So far, the new generation Ford Transit Custom had only unveiled its 100% electric version. But the supplier in the oval used the Hanover Motor Show to present its diesel and plug-in hybrid variants, which are always important for sales figures. Through John Leblanc Published on 09/21/2022 – 19:52 updated 09/22/2022 – 10:56. After the … Read more

Grandstand | “How can technology companies reduce their carbon footprint? »

——————– ADVERTISING ——————– The software industry has a significant ecological footprint: data centers alone cover almost 1% of the world’s electricity requirements. “That’s why software manufacturers also have to produce sustainable products,” says Julia Cames, Marketing Manager at HubSpot France. Great software solves problems. And to be great, software has to be simple, useful, and … Read more

Choosing your freezer, top 10 best freezers in 2022

Food preservation has always been a problem for humans, but the introduction of the freezer could provide an adequate solution to it. In fact, using the freezer is emerging as the best way to preserve food products, which means that more and more families today are choosing to purchase a freezer. However, given the wide … Read more

Electricity price explosion: The first supermarkets are threatened with closure!

“Electricity price explosion: The first supermarkets are threatened with closure” is the title of this article in Deutsche-Wirtschafts-nachrichten, and don’t ask me how it’s pronounced, because our friend Christophe, who is our correspondent in Germany, could be appointed automatically rightly making fun of my very “Norman” pronunciation! What you need to remember is quite simple. … Read more

4 grandma’s recipes to include in her hair routine this fall!

Hair masks are great for soothing and repairing cuticles damaged by dye, hot tools, salt water, and even chlorine. In addition, they can be adjusted to your hair type, whether it is frizzy, dry, greasy, fine or wavy. Discover three effective homemade hair mask recipes to revitalize after the summer and strengthen for the cold … Read more

Why are white cars less dirty and less expensive to paint?

According to paint manufacturers, white is the most common color in the world, accounting for 40% of sales, compared to 17% for black, for example. And in France, every third car is white. – Where do you think this passion for white cars comes from…the fact that they are less dirty? Oddly enough, white is … Read more