How do I outfit a game room without breaking the bank?

How do I outfit a game room without breaking the bank?

In order for children to be able to develop fully, they need a place where they can develop freely. The room is not suitable as it is more dedicated to rest and teaching. The garden, on the other hand, is impassable at certain times of the day and year. In these conditions, a playroom is … Read more

The Beats of Life! Woman marries rich farmer for his money and is surprised when he dies

The Beats of Life!  Woman marries rich farmer for his money and is surprised when he dies

Marcel Amphoux is a 67-year-old individual farmer who lives far away from everything in the mountains. It is located in the village of Puy-Saint-Pierre, near Briançon. One thing is for sure, he doesn’t have a very advantageous physique and he pays no attention to his person or his hygienically questionable accommodation. In fact, he lives … Read more

Ukraine. Beaten, Donetsk takes on the air of refuge… in spite of everything

Donetsk (Donbass), Special Representative. In the metropolis of roses, detonations keep happening. The 500,000 residents of Donetsk (1 million before the clashes of 2022) no longer pay any attention to this mainly defensive artillery barrage. After eight years of endless conflict that took an international turn since the February 24 Russian invasion, their everyday lives … Read more

Interest rates, food, electricity: Tunisians under pressure

The Tunisians keep noticing the price increases. In the supermarket, at the pump, on his bills and even at the bank, his purchasing power is squeezed. Latest announcement: the rise in the central bank’s key interest rate. He follows the stream a few days earlier and the fuel for the third time since the beginning … Read more

Mountains of debt threaten the financial future of British students

LONDON: Rhiannon Muise, who graduated in dance and drama from Edge Hill University in north-west England in 2021, now faces £45,000 in student debt, an amount she believes she will spend “a lifetime” on repay. The 21-year-old ends a fixed-term contract at her university. She knows she’ll have a hard time finding a well-paying job … Read more

Scientists say ‘smart’ contact lenses could help treat glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disease “without signs” (asymptomatic), the carrier of which has no suspicion of its existence, which is why only an ophthalmological examination can detect it in order to determine the type and take the necessary measures. . Involved in this chronic eye disease, which is characterized by damage to the optic nerve, increases … Read more

Disruption, progress and convertible bonds: a long passion

Last month, on these pages (“Convertibles and Disruption: Married at First Sight!”, 4/21/22) we analyzed the criteria that allow disruption or disruption (innovation/demand/regulatory support) and we have two current ones emblematic illustrations suggested genome sequencing and electric vehicles. Companies in these two sectors had used convertible bonds to fund their development. By Sébastien Caron, Co-Head … Read more

The 110 km/h on the Autobahn, temptation by Elisabeth Borne

Sa time for road users for whom the suspicion of a perpetrator weighs above all else. Guilt for driving a car instead of a bike, guilt for driving hundreds of miles a week and not taking the subway, guilt for not having the funds to buy electricity, and sticking to his old diesel, guilty of … Read more

Electric truck springs into action to serve PUMA’s California warehouse

Sporting goods manufacturer PUMA has begun transporting its goods from the Port of Los Angeles to its Torrance, California warehouse using an all-electric truck. This initiative is part of the company’s strategy to reduce carbon emissions at all levels of its operations. Sports company PUMA has begun transporting goods from the Port of Los Angeles … Read more

Greece: In the Samos camp, the displaced have lived for more than 10 days without running water

In this center, which was presented as a model when it opened in September 2021, exiles have not had running water since May 6. Migrants in the camp receive only 4.5 liters of water per person per day to meet their total water needs. According to the Greek Ministry of Migration, the failure of a … Read more