Bastogne: a healthy escape game for caregivers

Occupational exhaustion awaits caregivers, whether they are doctors, nurses, physical therapists, or dentists. The province has not waited for the health crisis to take preventive measures. In 2020, she budgeted €35,000 to organize a health-themed escape game. The Covid has decided otherwise and this preventive measure has been postponed. It will take place from May 9th to 19th at the Provincial Formation Institute in Bastogne.

“In addition to the measures taken by the province to address the shortage of nurses and general practitioners, it is important to also promote the retention of these health workers in their profession.explains MEP Stéphane De Mul. The mental, emotional and physical stresses that affect the nursing profession in particular can have a negative impact on the well-being of the carers. This workload, if not properly considered and listened to, possibly coupled with other triggering factors, can lead to situations of professional exhaustion, burnout or even absenteeism.

According to the deputy, it is important for the nurse to realize the importance of caring for them, “treating the nurse in them,” in order to be and remain in the best possible and beneficial caregiving relationship with their patient at work with satisfaction. The goal of this escape game is to teach through a playful and/or creative activity the importance of the thought of self-care and pre-emptive recognition of the warning signs of burnout.

This “life-size” escape game will increase the participants’ level of knowledge about a pathology and its symptoms and trigger a concrete change in behavior in the company.

A 60-minute immersive experience immerses participants in a space where they must search for various clues that correspond to the symptoms of the topic being addressed. A 45-minute debriefing then allows for a discussion with psychologists and other health prevention actors about the experience, the feelings related to various indicators (understanding of the symptoms, level of amusement, preventive and curative aspects, etc.). A brochure will be distributed to each participant at the end of the debriefing. Registrations are possible until May 5th.

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