As prices skyrocket, thousands of m3 of gas are polluting the atmosphere!

That gas price have exploded in the stock market, regularly posting gains of more than 1,000% over a year in international markets. Enough to raise the bill for households and businesses, although the former have benefited from tariff protection and tariff freeze since October 1, 2021.
However, according to RMC, engineering would waste hundreds of thousands of cubic feet of gas… just by releasing it into the atmosphere.

Gas released into the atmosphere by engineering

On March 9, 2022, RMC unveiled a practice that shocked France both economically and environmentally (1).
Storengya subsidiary of the French energy company, would regularly release hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of gas into the atmosphere. An exercise “ currently ”, According to employees of the group who were interviewed by the radio. Reason given: a security issue. Excess gas would pose a risk to the site, particularly in terms of explosion.

If this justification is compatible with the industrial risks inherent in the group’s activity, the situation is no less ridiculous: the amounts of gas so immediately released into the atmosphere would “ consumption of a village in winter “, according to RMC.

The staff even questioned and alerted management, who took no action, stating that this practice ” a real time and money saver “.

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Massive pollution that is not sanctioned

Leaving aside the economic absurdity of such practice, when in early 2022 against the background of the war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, the price of gas is a big problem and households are asked to “save energy, the situation is also an ecological aberration.
The released methane engineering is a very polluting gas: in terms of the greenhouse effect, methane emissions are 30 times more dangerous
as CO2.

However, despite the government’s commitments in favor of the climate, no sanction is foreseen for this practice.

The only subsidiary filmed by RMC would reject nearly 2.5 million cubic meters of gas each year, while the average household consumption is 1,012 cubic meters per year. This corresponds to the consumption of one household for 2,470 years (or 2,470 households for one year).

It deserves a big red card!

Banner illustration: Waste of resources, pollution, impoverishment of the population: our world is collapsing – © Mykhailo Chaploutskyi

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