Arlon: The Entrepôt concert hall reinvents itself as a film location

The Entrepôt concert hall in Arlon, which has had neither concerts nor an audience for months, records sessions in the style of a video clip and broadcasts them on its YouTube channel “L’Entrepôt Sessions”. She plans to continue this activity in the future.

The Entrepôt concert hall is well attended. Deprived of concerts and audiences for months, it has partially reinvented itself, offering groups recordings of video clips. These are both Belgian and French and eclectic in all styles, as is the Entrepôt’s programming.

Recently, singer Charles came there to shoot the clip for her track Wasted Time.

The opportunity to continue to make a living from your art

Groups also severely affected by the consequences of the health crisis can enter the Arlon stage and benefit from professional staff and equipment. They have the possibility of shooting their clip (sound and image) which they then broadcast on their networks, the only means of expression they have at the moment.

On average, each group records 2 clips in a day. The images are taken by a young Arlon-based non-profit specializing in video (Press-Play). She multiplies the stills, cutaways and close-ups before post-producing the clip. On the sound level, the groups benefit from the special acoustics of the room and its entire broadcasting and sound recording technology.

The main goal: “Put as many people into work as possible, because as of March 13, 2020, the music world is still severely at a standstill, with many precarious statuses in this environment and many temporary workers., states Frédéric Lamand, manager of the camp. This initiative also enables the Konzerthaus to remain present in terms of content and to send a message that life in the hall remains present.

At the same time, l’Entrepôt has set up its own YouTube channel “L’Entrepôt Sessions”, where all the clips created are broadcast. The videos shot so far have between 8 and 10,000 views.

An activity that required adjustment

So far, the hall and its employees have been used to living, with an opening of one to three evenings a week. Getting started with the production of sessions a few months ago was therefore a challenge. In order to improve and offer more and more professional results, the team makes it a point to train. As soon as the concerts in public are possible again, they also plan to continue this activity, which is still very young.

L’Entrepôt is the only permanent venue for the dissemination of contemporary music in the province of Luxembourg. The building (a former customs office from 1874 listed in the inventory of monuments) was made available to the ASBL Losange by the municipality of Arlon in 1997 and over the years it has become a real reference in the center.

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