Arlon: The community business development plan has been approved

The Walloon government, at the suggestion of the Minister for the Economy, Willy Borsus, has approved the decree approving the municipal commercial development program (SCDC) for the area of ​​the city of Arlon.

This is real added value that will set the course for the future economic and commercial development of the city of Arlon.” emphasizes Willy Borsus.

As a reminder, the decree of February 5, 2015 defines the municipal commercial development plan as a document for orientation, evaluation, control and programming of the development of the entire municipal area.

In this case, the Local Business Development Plan (SCDC) is an opportunity for a city or municipality to reflect in a structured way on the economic future of its territory, to analyze its territory in relation to the other existing instruments in terms of regional planning, to develop a municipal strategy or vision in commercial matters.

Applications for business permits submitted in the municipality must take into account the objectives, options and recommendations of this plan. The strategy chosen for the SCDC Arlon is to maintain the current attractiveness of the city of Arlon by optimizing the existing commercial structure and managing its development.

The diagnosis has in fact made it possible to highlight that the commercial offer on the territory of the city of Arlon is significant not only in terms of area but also in terms of the type of centers for a city of this size Arlon is relatively complete . The commercial attractiveness of the city of Arlon is therefore already relatively good.

The strategy is reflected in particular by different orientations depending on the location. For example, the urban centers are to be strengthened to be friendly and lively centers that accommodate local shops with a specialization by district to allow better legibility of the commercial offer.

We can also specify that this SCDC aims to strengthen the specialization of retail parks while setting a minimum area for cells. This allows the development of this type of node in complementarity with that of the city center.

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