Arlon: Creation of a new economic center with a focus on wood

Work has started on the entrance to the University of Liège campus in Arlon, on the National 4 side. The Pôle Bois that will be built on this site is a collaboration between the ULg, the Forem Wallonie Bois and IDELUX. Their common goal is to make better use of the raw material wood and to offer sustainable living in the future.

Fabian Collard, CEO of IDELUX: “The idea is to pool knowledge that enables us to use our own wood, create added value at our sites, but also develop a new sector for building a sustainable living space.” The traditionally named Ulg environmental campus is on it specialized in various aspects related to construction. Energy efficiency, its improvement and new heating systems are really elements that today we must include in a reflection on a new wood-based living space”.

Le Forem and its competence center in Libramont Wallonie Bois

The main partner for wood training is Wallonie-Bois in Libramont. Its director, Jean-François Pandolfe, reminds us of its mission. “The Wood Sector Competence Center is one of the centers that is partly dependent on Forem, as there are quite a number of centers positioned as non-profit organizations and others under their own management. Wallonie Bois is an integral part of “ a Forem center. We do multi-public training there. That is, a center open to job seekers. We will also train clerks, manual workers and manual workers in the sectors targeted by the centre, namely wood and construction. Not to mention teachers, students and entrepreneurs. Most of the training courses at the center are training occupations for certifying occupations and are always accompanied by an internship in a company. They are always geared to the needs of companies, but also based on training standards.” .

A new strategic location for Ulg spin-offs

With the intended opening to the university public, the new building should also become a business center so that spin-offs from the ULg do not evade too far.

Fabian Collard, Managing Director of Idelux: “This applies to the Ulg spin-offs that were looking for a location nearby and were not yet ready to expand their infrastructure for their development”.

If some already regret the Jesuit Wall, the new building will be a real gateway to the campus on the National 4 side. Its construction should be completed by the end of 2023.

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