Arlon Carnival 2022: organization of a festive and popular event on March 19th

On Tuesday February 1st, the Arlon Carnaval Board of Directors met to examine the situation the events and culture industry has faced. Objective: to give a definitive opinion on the organization of the traditional carnival celebrations scheduled for the weekend of March 19th. After constructive discussions, the Arlon Carnival CA took the difficult decision not to organize the 42nd edition of the Carnival.

Doesn’t matter ! The organizers are pleased to announce today that the “Allez Hop” event will take place on Saturday March 19 from 4pm to 2am in the courtyard of the Arlon City School of Industry and Commerce, rue Godefroid Kurth. This popular event, open to everyone, takes the form of a giant aperitif where attendees can celebrate and share a celebratory moment with music. And as icing on the cake, coming in disguise is highly recommended!

“Following the cancellation of the 2022 Carnival, we wanted to offer a convivial and shared moment to all lovers of Arlon folklore. Everyone involved worked tirelessly on this festival for several weeks and it already promises to be unforgettable,” explains Numa Glesener, President of the Arloner Fasnacht. “Even without the Cavalcade, all the ingredients of the carnival are brought together: joy, celebration, music and, above all, the characteristic Arlon conviviality. When we told you that carnival still existed, we didn’t lie to you! “.

The event is only accessible with a ticket. The presale will go on sale very soon. Follow Arlon Carnaval ASBL social networks so you don’t miss any information. On-site access is also possible on the same day if the event is not full. Finally, notice that “Allez Hop! will comply with the hygiene rules established by the Barometer at this time. All practical information will be communicated to participants in due course. Finally, to President Numa Glesener: “Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Long live carnival and see you on March 19, 2022.

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