Appeal to the Council of State against the new Awirs gas-fired power plant

03 May 2022 12:59

The citizens’ movement Dégaze today initiated urgent proceedings with the Council of State to prevent the construction of the new fossil gas power plant in Awirs. Engie-Electrabel has started the preparatory work despite the procedure initiated by Dégaze at the beginning of January. The decision of the State Council should take effect within a month or two.

With the desire for a partial phase-out of nuclear energy in 2025, the federal government wants to build new gas-fired power plants to counteract an energy shortage. According to Simon Lalieu, spokesman for Dégaze, this project is both environmentally harmful and socially unfair. “Several studies confirm that gas-fired power plants are not necessarily used to ensure security of supply. These fossil fuel power plants would have a significant impact on the environment and air quality, particularly because of the ammonia released into the air. In addition, citizens must contribute 100 million euros every year for ten years. That is totally unacceptable.”

According to Dégaze, the fact that a new fossil gas power plant is under construction not only in Flémalle, but also in the neighboring town of Seraing, just 5 km away, poses an additional legal problem. “The two gas plants will pollute the local air with pathogenic nitrogen oxides and ammonia. Both will also discharge hot water into the same part of the Meuse. In our appeals, we support that the negative impacts of these two gas-fired power plants should not occur separately but should be investigated and assessed together as both are being built under the federal MRC subsidy mechanism. comments Léo Tubbax from Dégaze.

If the Council of State agrees to Dégaze, construction work on this gas-fired power plant must be stopped immediately. Otherwise, the citizens’ movement will continue its actions and will organize several demonstrations around the site. In addition to the legal action, Dégaze is organizing a cyclo tour from May 25th to 29th to visit the different places in the country where the construction of new gas-fired power plants is planned. The culmination of the tour will take place on Sunday May 29th in the Liège-Meuse valley, where meetings will be organized with the residents of Seraing, Flémalle but also near the Tihange 3 nuclear reactor, the operation of which will be extended.

Loris Demarteau

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