An aluminum ball in the dryer: the trick that will surprise you

The clothes dryer makes housework easier, especially when bad weather prevents hanging the laundry outside. But beyond its benefits, this device also has negative effects on your clothes. Luckily, you can eliminate fabric softener and other chemicals by replacing them with aluminum balls!

Aluminum to get rid of static electricity

The dryer creates electrical charges on the laundry, especially on synthetic fabrics. Rubbing clothes together creates an exchange of electrons. Some absorb negative charges while others charge positively. As a result, they attract and stick together.
To prevent this phenomenon, simply place one to three aluminum balls in your dryer. You will unload your laundry absorbing static electricitykeeping clothes separate.

Make the laundry less wrinkled

By keeping the substances separate from each other, the aluminum ball helps reduce wrinkles on this. When you take your clothes out of the dryer, they are less wrinkled and just need a quick iron. You can then iron your laundry with aluminum foil without any problems.
Simply slide the aluminum foil under your ironing board cover. Then proceed to ironing. The heat is reflected, which has the effect straighten the laundry on both sides with a single gesture.

An economical and ecological trick

By using this method, you reduce your spending on detergents such as laundry detergent and fabric softener. In addition, it also speeds up the drying of clothes. It thus contributes to reducing energy consumption. In addition, the aluminum balls can be stored and preserved reused for six months. You’ll save money and reduce chemical water pollution.

Thoroughly clean laundry with aluminum balls

You can also use aluminum balls in your washing machine. You have the power to do this remove stubborn stains Embedded in your clothes. In addition, this technique does not pose any risk to the operation of your device. To do this, form two or three aluminum balls the size of a tennis ball. Then put them in the drum of your washing machine, mixed with your laundry. This results in cleaner and softer garments.

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