All families invited to museums

More than 40 museums welcome visitors for free on May 14th and 15th. After a culture-dark period, more and more people are responding to this welcome event.

More than ever, the Museum Days return over the weekend of May 14th and 15th with the participation of 41 museums across the country. During these two days, entry to these cultural sites is completely free, whether for the permanent collections or the temporary exhibitions. A cultural program will also be organized for the occasion and “This year the focus is particularly on visits with the whole family,” explains Minister of Culture Sam Tanson at the presentation of the event on Thursday in the Dräi Eechelen Museum in Kirchberg. The program includes special tours, workshops, concerts and activities for children.

“This initiative was first launched in 1998 by the museums of the city of Luxembourg with the “Stater Muséeën”,” the minister recalled. A total of “2,518 visitors walked through the doors of the museums. In 2019 there were ten times as many (20,000 visitors). There is a real evolution,” says Sam Tanson happily. “It’s a great time to showcase the city’s museums and the variety of exhibits, but it’s also happening in the rest of the country.” In fact, since 2010, the number of local museums, increasing from edition to edition, has taken part in these open houses in order to attract a wider audience than those who already visit these cultural sites.

A presentation video has been produced about the Dräi Eechelen Museum, which will take part in the open doors.

Reopening of the Resistance Museum

“We have many local museums that highlight the heritage of the Grand Duchy, especially crafts or industrial history, with a very particular resonance in the south of the country this year, which will be particularly dynamic for Esch 2022, which will mark the occasion as the National Museum of the Resistance and Human Rights will reopen its doors on May 11th.

Among the sites to be discovered, she mentions the classified site of the Haut-Martelange slate quarries with its train, which can welcome the public and delight all generations, or the Military Museum of Diekirch. This presents the country during the Second World War, but also provides information about Luxembourg’s participation in the Korean War, in which two Luxembourgers lost their lives.

This important date in the cultural agenda allows visitors to discover a wide range of themes: history, art, photography, literature, archaeology, natural sciences, technology or even traditions and customs of yesteryear.

“Not yet at the pre-pandemic stage”

“Hop Hop to Museum” is the motto of the weekend, it is perhaps the time for the population to discover lesser known but nonetheless essential museums to the country’s heritage. During the last edition in 2019, about half of the visitors took a walk in the places outside the capital, which concentrates a large part of the visitors during the rest of the year.

This 25and Organized by Icom Luxembourg and the Luxembourg National Committee of the International Council of Museums, the edition will have a special flair as it takes place more than a month after restrictions were lifted, when culture is just beginning to find its audience. The minister hopes that this program can revitalize the culture.

“In 2021 we had 30% more visitors than in 2020, but we are not at the pre-pandemic stage yet. For that, we would need another 30% more,” notes the coordinator of Icom Luxembourg, Laura Zaccaria. “It will be interesting to see if we can find the numbers before the end of the year now that all restrictions are lifted.”

A collection of videos for presenting museums

Organized by Icom Luxembourg (Icom’s Luxembourg National Council), this 2022 edition of the Luxembourg Museum Days is part of the International Museum Day, a unique moment for the international museum community, traditionally organized by Icom every year since 1977 on May 18th. This event brings together more and more museums around the world. Last year more than 37,000 museums in almost 156 countries took part.

As part of the Luxembourg Museum Days, Icom Luxembourg is again presenting a selection of five member museums from different parts of the country: the Dräi Eechelen Museum in Kirchberg, the Pompiers Museum in Senningen, which is also the smallest museum in the countries, the European Museum Schengen, the National Museum of Military History in Diekirch and the exhibition “The Family of Man” in Clervaux. “Five more videos were made for other museums during the previous edition. So over the years we try to complete this collection of presentation videos,” says Laura Zaccaria.

These video presentations, the full weekend program and detailed information can be consulted on the website dedicated to the event: Most of the activities take place by prior reservation at the museums participating in the event.

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