After explosions in Transnistria, Moldova convenes a meeting of its Security Council
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  • Russia assured on Monday that he wanted to continue peace talks with Ukraine, but warned of the danger ” real “ The conflict escalated into World War III.
  • Forty countries meet in Germany on Tuesday. at the invitation of the United States to strengthen the defense of Ukraine, according to US Secretary of defense Lloyd Austin “can win” against Russia if you have the means.
  • The Russian military said it attacked around 100 targets in Ukraine on Monday, including railway facilities in the center of the country, killing five and wounding 18 in the region Vinnytsia.
  • In the east of the country, the Ukrainian army announced on Monday that it had repelled a series of attacks Donbasswhere many places like Roubizhne are bombed daily.
  • No agreement was reached on Monday to create a humanitarian corridor that would allow the evacuation of civilians entrenched with Ukrainian fighters in the besieged Azovstal metallurgical complex Mariupol (Southeast), said Kyiv. Russia had recently announced its intention to cease hostilities to allow the evacuation of these civilians.
  • Fighting continues in the region Kharkovin the northeast, with a “partial encirclement” the second largest city in the country, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. The bombing has forced civilians to sleep underground for weeks.
  • A large tank farm caught fire in Russia on Monday Bryansk, a city 150 km from the Ukrainian border that Moscow says serves as a logistics base for Russian forces. The authorities initially gave no information on the cause of the fire.
  • The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, is expected in Moscow on Tuesday to meet Vladimir Putin, the day after a trip to Ankara where he spoke with President Erdogan who is trying to negotiate an end to the conflict. Mr. Gutteres will then travel to Kyiv on Thursday.
  • According to British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace Moscow has lost so far “about 15,000 men” in Ukraine, an unverifiable figure from an independent source. Moscow has not collected a toll since March 25, when it claimed it had lost 1,351 soldiers.

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