According to Brazilian researchers, night cramps are associated with an excess of static electricity

Brazilian company Naturalweb announces that it has achieved promising clinical results aimed at proving the effectiveness of an antistatic down, MAGICRAMP, in the treatment of nocturnal cramps in the elderly and cramps and cold feet in people with Down’s syndrome demonstrate. Poliomyelitis.

In Brazil, researchers from the Federal University of São Paulo conducted a clinical study on 2 patients with post-poliomyelitis syndrome. Their objective was to use a thermal imaging camera to verify the effects of the application of MAGICRAMP antistatic down on the temperature of patients’ lower limbs in an environment where the temperature was controlled and frozen to 19ºC. If after 30 minutes they could see a better homogeneity of the internal temperature of the lower limbs, the patients explained that they no longer felt cold feet and suffered from night cramps, which is one of the symptoms commonly associated with the post- related to polio syndrome.

Naturalweb also announces that it has conducted a satisfaction survey of a sample of 220 of its customers who have purchased MAGICRAMP. It shows that while 76% of respondents had a significant decrease in the frequency of their seizures occurring, it is also 81% for whom the seizures decreased in intensity when they did occur.

In view of these encouraging results, new double-blind clinical studies are currently being carried out in Brazil on several hundred patients with post-poliomyelitis syndrome, but also on patients with severe cramps after chemotherapy.

Too much static electricity

For Jean-Marc Wilvers, President and Founder of Naturalweb “NO! Magnesium deficiency is not the cause of the onset of cramps, especially in people over 50. Eliminating cramps is easy: you just need to know the true cause of their onset and remove it. Cramps, even the strongest, can go away in a day.”

He explains that the origin of night cramps is an excess of localized static electricity, itself caused by an ionic imbalance in the body. This excess static electricity commands an involuntary contraction in one or more muscles, triggering the spasm. All you have to do is locally rebalance the ionic charge by placing a small MAGICRAMP anti-static pad on the lower limbs to locally neutralize the excess static electricity so that cramps disappear naturally from day one.

A 250 year old discovery

It was Italian physicist and doctor Luigi Galvani who first showed that static electricity causes involuntary muscle contractions.

While dissecting a frog, he found that when a metal scalpel charged with static electricity came into contact with the frog’s sciatic nerve, it caused a strong involuntary muscle contraction. If the scalpel wasn’t statically charged, nothing happened.

This experience was reproduced and filmed by several research teams, including one from the University of Rennes.

About Naturalweb

Naturalweb Ltda is a Brazil-based company whose founder is Belgian and lives in the country of his Brazilian wife. NATURALWEB Ltda markets, mainly via the Internet, the MAGICRAMP small antistatic duvet, which eliminates night cramps in adults and growing pains in children.

Naturalweb claims more than 10,000 customers worldwide. Physicians wishing to test a copy of MAGICRAMP on a patient are encouraged to contact the company through the website.

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