Accidents at work: the province of Luxembourg less good students

These numbers, down from 2019, are partly due to the pandemic that paralyzed the country from March 2020, leading to the closure of businesses or teleworking. Teleworking, which is the root cause of musculoskeletal disorders caused by inappropriate equipment.

In the private sector

By way of comparison, the number of accidents at country level in the private sector has fallen by 19.9%. In the province of Luxembourg, the decrease is less pronounced with 13.5% or 1,465 accidents at work. 473 were dismissed, 819 resulted in temporary work stoppage and 173 in permanent disability, there were no fatal accidents.

The temporary employment and construction sectors are the most affected (11%), followed by medico-social jobs (10%) and human health jobs (9%). Retail represents 8% of accidents. These are small structures with fewer workers and more pressure. The food industry brings up the rear with 4%.

For the public sector

In the public sector, the decrease reached 26.4% nationally, in the province the decrease was limited to 21% or 470 accidents. Of these, 167 were dismissed, 280 caused an incapacity of less than 6 months, 23 an incapacity of more than 6 months, there were no fatal accidents.

Better on the way to work

Accidents that occur on the way to work are also listed. With travel restricted during the pandemic, unsurprisingly it’s down 44.7% compared to 2019 or 99 accidents in the province. This is better than at the national level, where the reduction in the private sector is 34%.

In the public sector, the trend is reversed with 53 accidents in the province (-15% compared to 2019), while in Belgium the decrease is 38%. “This number can be explained by the longer distances between home and work and by the limited number of public transport in the province of Luxembourg.” explains Jean Noël, in charge of training in the “work accidents” group at the CSC.

A necessary prevention

It is difficult for the union to explain this bad behavior by Luxembourgers in the workplace. “Workers who have returned to work after a long absence have forgotten their safety reflex, are less aware of their work environment” says Jean Noël.

What is certain is that the prevention work of the “Work Accidents” commission must be continued: prevention posters, prevention campaigns in schools and companies on request and in practice in order to reach more people. “It is important to show the risks of not wearing personal protective equipment and the consequences. A badly treated injury can have future consequences and result in lost income.” concludes Jean Noël.

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