A threat to ecology?


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S. Piard, M.-C. Delouvrier, G Pinol, O Combe, E Urtado – France 2

France TV

This war in Ukraine has direct consequences for theEcology. While he They have to do without Russian gas and grain Come Ukrainian fields, the alternatives may not not walk in a good way for the planet.

Replaced Russian gas with more polluting, coal-fired power plants again in Service… Is the war in Ukraine a sign of ecological decline? for
substitute Russian imports, Europe is transported LNG on a boat out of
that EUSA, liquefied natural gas, the extraction of which is more polluting.
It uses twice as much energy as transport by pipe“, To explain
Alexandre Joly, Head of Energy Division.

American gas is at 80% shale gas. To extract it you have to break that
rock in depth, a controversial technique. The reclamation of fallow land
would another consequence Negative. It threatens biodiversity and means
fewer soil to capture carbon dioxide. Confronted with the need, the energies Renewables are abandoned for fossil fuels anymore fast to use.

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