A great hunt for mysterious orbs with a €1,000 reward

During the two weeks of the Easter holidays, Espace Shopping Hydrion organizes a big family game: the Mystery Spheres. Strangely Colored Orbs are hidden on the territory of the Parish of Arlon and in the Hydrion’s enclosure. If you get your hands on it, you could win the jackpot.

Do you have the soul of a detective in you? Then you will like the Easter hunt organized by Hydrion for young and old. This year, the traditional chocolate eggs are replaced by mysterious colored balls. In fact, from Saturday April 2nd to Saturday April 16th, fifteen blue orbs will be hidden in the four corners of the city of Arlon and about thirty golden orbs will be placed in the Hydrion.

In order to discover the location of the blue spheres, the participants must show insight and appeal to their general knowledge. In fact, every day a riddle leading to the location of a sphere is published on the Hydrion’s social networks. It will therefore be necessary to keep your eyes open and not to miss the clues. On the other hand, no help is provided to discover the position of the golden balls!

You can win a shopping voucher worth €1,000

Contestants who manage to get their hands on two different orbs (one blue and one gold) will be selected for the finals, which will take place on Monday, April 18th. The finalists then have to answer a side question to decide among themselves and to choose the big winner. on the key? A shopping voucher worth €1,000, valid in Hydrion shops.

However, the other participants did not go empty-handed: the other finalists will be presented with a 50 euro gift voucher, valid in the shop of their choice. Note that the mysterious spheres are systematically hidden in public places, outdoors, safe and within walking distance. Players must not expose themselves to danger during the game.

The Espace Shopping Hydrion combines more than 40 different shops (food, beauty & health, leisure, catering, multimedia, interior decoration, fittings, fashion) on 33,000 m2. Its homogeneous architecture in the shape of a horseshoe, opening onto a car park with more than 900 free spaces, is based on a concept of covered but not closed galleries and allows the development of a new way of shopping.

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