A gas-fired power plant will see the light of day in Seraing: “Completely unacceptable,” said “angry” citizens

He is “totally unacceptable“The fact that new subsidies are granted for a new gas power plant in Seraing reacted during the night from Wednesday to Thursday “Fury” of the citizens’ initiative Dégaze/Tegengas. Earlier on Wednesday, the operator of the high-voltage electricity transmission grid Elia announced that the Luminus gas-fired power plant project in Seraing is now replacing that of Engie in Vilvoorde as part of the first auction of the capacity payment mechanism (CRM), which will ensure the country’s security of supply to ensure that five of the seven nuclear reactors are shut down.

But for the citizen movement “two mega gas-fired power stations within a five-kilometre radius, at Val St-Lambert in Seraing and at Awirs in Flémalle, is totally unacceptable” commented Léo Tubbax, resident and spokesman for Dégaze Seraing / Flémalle. “The fact that the government is deciding to build not one, but two dirty gas power plants close together here feels like a huge middle finger for our region.”adds Mr. Tubbax.

there is no room for new fossil infrastructure

The Seraing project consists of a new 805 MW gas-fired production unit, a capacity similar to the 796.25 MW planned at Vilvoorde. The award will not be published as only one candidate was selected.Repetition”. A release would distort the market as the confidentiality of the files introduced by Luminus and Engie would no longer be respected, Elia said.

Dégaze also recalls that an appeal to the Council of State is still pending against the combined permit for the planned power plant in Val St-Lambert in Seraing and for the Awirs power plant in Flémalle. “Never before has an IPCC climate report made it so clear: There is no room for new fossil infrastructures such as gas-fired power plants. This latest report comes as heartbreaking images of a gas-funded war reach us daily. In this context, handing out hundreds of millions of euros in subsidies for a new gas plant is the most insane thing a government can do at the moment.”also criticizes Ike Teuling from Dégaze.

The civic group also announces an action in the form of a “bike tour” between May 25 and 29 to visit the different places in the country where new gas-fired power plants are planned. The arrival in the Meuse Valley in Liège is accompanied by demonstrations in Seraing, Awirs and Tihange 3, a reactor whose extension by ten years beyond 2025 is being negotiated by the government with Engie.

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