a disfigured farmer who faces great financial difficulties

Almost 10 years after his participation in Love is in a meadow, this farmer is exhausted. Accident, pain, we tell you everything!

SOS Love is in need on the meadow!

This group photo by Love is in a meadow in time to cheer up the fans. In fact, after two years of pandemic, the exploitation of some of them is going badly. So much so that it often makes headlines in the local press.

A few days ago, the team fromobjecto made an inventory of Didier’s Hell. According to certain sources, including Jean-Daniel’s former suitor, he would be staying at his parents’ house. The rare visitors who don’t have the budget to renovate it regret the lack of electricity and running water. How is that possible in 2022? It is understood that some unfortunately have no choice but to continue suffering. That’s exactly what we’re telling you today!

And here’s the drama!

The story of Nicolas and Ludivine looked like a fairy tale in every way. You will see that the editors of Objeko did not use the imperfect for nothing. During the eighth installment of Love is in the meadow, Cupid fulfills his mission successfully. Since then, the stork has been coming to visit. In short, in the best of all possible worlds, everything was fine. However, an event turns their everyday life into a waking nightmare. Ouch… but what happened to make such a statement?

A frightening finding

While tending to his cows, Damien’s chin receives a hoof kick from one of them. Unfortunately, since the tragedy, his companion Ludivine has regretted the inaction of the authorities. ” Nobody wants to reimburse dentist costs because they know that these are very high (…)” Very quickly she tells us the extent of the disaster. “He has a piece of lip less and (…) a tooth less. We know his remaining teeth are weakened. He has a dimple in his mouth. They found bones and pieces of root !

Height of horror, the pain teleports to other places. ” Nicolas has a very bad stomach because he can’t chew his food properly. (…)” He is visibly gaining weight and has absolutely no idea how to solve these problems. And if anything his friends out Love is in the meadow ask him about it, the discomfort is palpable. ” He instinctively puts his hand over his mouth. He’s not smiling anymore“.

This overflowing bottle breaks the hearts of love is in the Meadow fans!

Questioned by his subscribers, the one who took part in Love is in the meadow castigates the insurance. ” At the moment we don’t have much feedback from the consulting dentist’s MSA. We are still waiting for offers. We saw the social worker who told us that no one wanted to make an effort. The least Objeko can say is that she doesn’t go with the back of the spoon.

In reality, she wants to underscore this paradox that makes her seethe with anger. ” For everything to be settled, Nicolas would have had to have no head, no mouth, nothing. Should he really have his whole face beautified (…) Otherwise he would have had to get mouth, tooth or tongue cancer. » Unfortunately, as she would like to point out, this is far from an isolated case. “That’s it in agriculture, we didn’t bother about anything. » Was she aware of this before she enrolled? Love is in the meadow? Maybe… but not to this extent!

Who will have the last word?

As she puts the remaining solutions on the table, Ludivine will have to face facts. You haven’t finished the fight yet. There is no possibility ” feel pain [ni] to perform a bone graft that may not work. There would be months and months of waiting. The only hope lies in the making ofa rod and fix implants on it”. As for the dentures he currently has, he can’t take it! What gear! I promise we will give you new news as soon as we have it. In the meantime, we send him much courage and kindness.

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